Prakash Raj Takes A Dig At PM Modi, Calls Him A Chai Wala Who Sold India Too

Actor Prakash Raj, who has been vocal against the government over a years has yet again criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This time the actor accused PM of selling India and destabilizing the peace in the country.

Prakash Raj over Bulldozer Row

For an actor known for his versatility, having showcased his performance in five different languages, Southern superstar Prakash Raj has once again blamed Narendra Modi for the ongoing situation in India.


Prakash Raj, a National award winner, has been criticizing the government on his Twitter handle with a ‘#justasking’ campaign where he questions the government over its decisions.

Actor Prakash Raj had earlier launched a scathing attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the ‘Bulldozer Row’. He blames the PM for inaugurating statues, at the same time destroying houses of the poor and innocent.

Over the last week, bulldozers, including those made by JCB, have been in the news as government officials in several Indian states, like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Delhi, used the machines to destroy the homes and businesses of mostly poor Muslims as retribution for allegedly indulging in crimes like stone-pelting during religious clashes with Hindu groups.


Taking a dig at Modi

Speaking on the same, Prakash Raj feels that this incident should be debated or else the nation would be destroyed. In a Tweet, he wrote, “Building Statues.. Breaking Homes .. If we don’t speak up ..very soon they will destroy NATION too .. #justasking.”

Also taking a dig at PM Modi, the 57-year-old accused the latter of selling the nation for egocentric needs.

“The ones who believed he sold chai.. aren’t believing he is selling the nation too..,” he tweeted.