Power Press Heat Press: The Review of an Ideal Pressing Machine for Small Businesses

Heat Press device is the ultimate tool for printing designs on a t-shirt, bags, hats, etc. But everybody can’t afford such a device because of the high prices. Furthermore, learning to print with such a massive and powerful machine is not an easy task.

Since these devices are cumbersome and complex, operating them requires a lot of practice. For these reasons, a small entrepreneur can’t purchase a heat press machine for his business.


However, there are some pressing devices that offer premium performance and come at reasonable prices. No wonder why so many young entrepreneurs are purchasing these devices for their small startup businesses.

We are going to review one such device for you.

Power Press HPM-1515-BK Heat Press Review


Those who are familiar with press-printing know that Power Press is a familiar name in the industry. They are renowned for producing quality pressing machines. Their heat press devices are on top of the bestseller’s rank, according to most of the shops.

The brand usually produces two types of pressing tools, either with a clamshell system or with a swing-away system device that print design on your t-shirt.

This HPM-1515-BK is a manual machine with the clamshell system. The dimension of its heat plate is 15 x 15 inch. So, pressing the extra-large t-shirt is also possible with it. The plates are coated with Teflon which protects the cloth from the extra heat.


The temperature and timer control setting is very dynamic. While the digital display provides convenience, the unique control chip ensures safety. You can set the temperature up to 450⁰ Fahrenheit on this device.

Another benefit of this tool is the ease of operation. All you need to do is to put your cloth above the bottom plate and clamp the top plate. Although you need to manually press the top plate, it goes down with slight pressure. It yields out top-notch performance within just 10 to 15 seconds.

Plenty of safety features has been included in this machine to provide safety. For example, a replaceable fuse protects it from short circuit.


  • Advanced Safety Features

The manufacturer has added plenty of amazing safety features in this product to make it more secure and compact. For example, if you forget to turn the machine off, it may get damaged due to overheating. The electric short circuit is also harmful to such a device.

Fortunately, a fuse keeps the device safe in such emergencies. The fuse is replaceable. So you may change it when it becomes the scapegoat.

Additionally, the Teflon coating has been applied to the heating plate. It protects the clothes from stain during heat transfer. So, if you forget to put on extra sheet on top of your cloth, it will still be protected.

The electric cord and wires are made with materials that will never catch fire. Over and above that, the unique temperature control chip protects the machine during low or high voltage, reverse polarity and excess temperature.


  • Gorgeous Design

The maker has fashioned this device with an elegant design and state of the art technology. It has a digital LCD display which can be used to set the temperature.

The black coloured device comes in a friendly shape with a fully functional handle and a pressure adjustment knob.

It has dual heat plate with the beautifully modelled surface. The top plate supplies uniform heat, so the sticker sticks perfectly with the cloth. It is coated with Teflon and the base plate has a silicon coating in it. 

  • Improved Temperature Control System

The temperature in a pressing device needs to be stable for delivering flawless performance. But, very few heat presses in the market can ensure you precise temperature control setting. Luckily, the biggest surprise in this product comes in the form of the temperature monitor chip.

It provides fluctuation free, the stable temperature throughout the transfer process. The manufacturer has patented this chip, so you can’t find this exact feature on the machines made by other brands.


You can set the temperature up to 450⁰ F and the timer setting ranges from 0 to 999 seconds. It is effortless to set the appropriate temperature and timer your garment needs, thanks to the digital control display.

  • Easy to Use

New users are always worried about printing in a pressing device. I mean, the overwhelming complexity associated with printing in a press machine makes them nervous. For them, this is an ideal machine to learn how to print.

Because it is so easy to print in this machine. All you need is to clamp it down and put some pressure using the handle.

You can quickly adjust the pressure by rotating the adjustment knob. While the clockwise rotation increases the pressure, the anti-clockwise movement reduces it. It can print garment up to a ¾ inch thick.

Set the temperature and timer by simply pressing the designated buttons below the display. In most cases, the machine prints design on clothes within fifteen seconds.

  • Convenient to Clean

Teflon has nonstickiness property and it takes a very high temperature to melt it. Teflon’s melting point is around 620.6⁰ Fahrenheit, whereas this device can heat up to 450⁰ Fahrenheit.

So, the fact that the surface of the device is Teflon plated makes it very convenient to clean. Moreover, silicon coating is used for the base.

Technical Specifications

Brand / Company: Power Press

Model Name: HPM-1515-BK

Product Dimension: 26 x 15 x 15 inches

Printing area: 15 inch X 15 inch

Shipping Weight: 49 Pounds

Style: Manual Clamp System

Type: Electric

Voltage: Standard 110 V

Wattage: 1400 Watt

Temperature Range: 0 to 450⁰ F

Time Range: 0 to 999 s

Batteries Required: No

Auto Open: No


  • Value for Money
  • User-Friendly
  • Fast Performance
  • Patented Temperature Monitor Chip
  • Replaceable Fuse
  • LCD Display & Digital Temperature Control System
  • Suitable for Small Projects


  • Not for large scale production
  • Not suitable for items such as mugs, caps or plate
  • Not appropriate for using non-stop
  • The operation is not automatic
  • LCD doesn’t give a pressure reading

Customers Feedback

A large number of customers have purchased the product and they are not stingy to share their experiences. Most of them have rated the product as a very good device for small businesses. The device performed well and the vinyl didn’t come out after multiple washes.

However, one user reported that the vinyl in his shirt started to wrinkle after washing a few times. Though, he seemed to be satisfied with the machine because the shirt went back to normal after putting it back in the machine. No users that we know reported about the color being peeled away.

Some users complained about the base pad not being secure enough. It is semi-attached to the device for easy replacement. The maker has designed it in this way to make the replacement process easy. Upon damage, the base pad can be replaced. However, you can attach it tightly by using glue.

A few users complained that they didn’t receive the user manual. But others have said that it can be downloaded from online and it is no big deal anyway. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of transfer does the machine take?

It will take heat transfer vinyl, inkjet, rhinestone and sublimation print. It can also take flocked or glittered HTV.

Q: What kind of items can be printed?

You can print t-shirts, canvas bags, mouse pads, sweatpants, pillow covers and even jigsaw puzzles.

Q: What are the size measurement?

The surface is about 15 x 15 inches. So, you can put a garment as large a 14 x 14 inches. It will support XXL t-shirts.

Q: I am thinking of starting a small business. I might need to print 30-40 orders daily. Can this machine withstand such use?

Yes, you can effortlessly print 40 orders every day with this device. Just follow the precautionary guideline wisely.

Q: I am a little scared. Do both the plates heat up?

Don’t worry; only the top plates heat up.

Precautionary Guideline

First and foremost, read the user manual and adhere to the instructions given for yielding out the best performance out of this machine. It operates in 110 V standard AC power, so do not use it without an extension cord.

Though the machine is comparatively lighter than many of its rival, carrying it around is never a right decision. Leave a permanent space for the device where you can print without any intervention. It will be better if the place is well ventilated.

The surface where you put the device should be sturdy enough to put some pressure while clamping the machine. Use a laser gun to read the temperature. It will make sure that the machine is not giving you faulty readings.

Although the top heating plate has Teflon coating, it is safer to use an extra Teflon sheet on top of your garment.

The device gives out a peculiar smell in the first few try-outs. So, it is better to burn off the chemicals first. To do that, set the temperature to 350⁰ F and start it for 30 minutes without giving any garment on it. A small smoke may come out of the device, but this is normal.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, this is not a device for heavy-duty performance or large scale production. It prints great, but the quality is not like the industrial machines. The product is durable but not sturdy if you compare it with the expensive, heavy-duty machines. These are all part of the bargain. Because you get what you pay for.

On a positive note, this device has a lot to offer. If you like to design clothes with your unique artwork, this is the device for you. If it is your hobby to develop and you want to start a small business, this is the perfect option to go. It can smoothly print 30-40 t-shirts every day.

The reasonable price tag along with some unique features are the reason that made this product a hot cake in the market.