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Popular Traditional Indian Fashion Accessories

Indian fashion is not only about the dress you wear but the accessories to compliment and add flavor to your overall look. By wearing different Indian garbs from the saree, indo-western outfits to the Kurti. Accessories come in handy and with the unique advantage of their accessories having meaning and being a traditional piece. No one is entitled to blend them with their outfit but just wearing them brings satisfaction to them. Nevertheless, whether they blend in or not, they look beautiful with them and they stand out perfectly from the crowd. The world has now started adapting to some of Indians traditional accessories as they dress up to various functions. Below are some of the popular traditional Indian fashion accessories that will add an exclusive touch to your look.


Isn’t a bindi the first thing you notice on an Indians woman’s forehead? That beautiful striking red dot applied at the forehead is what is known as the bindi. Red is the common color but not necessarily the only one that is used. Other colors like green are used, for instance, by celebrities to match their outfits for certain events. The bindi is the essence of Indian tradition and beauty. And it adds to the beauty of a woman’s face and overall look. An Indian woman with no bindi most times looks underdressed. It was a tradition for the bindi to be worn by married women as a sign of prosperity. But today most women wear it as a fashion element, especially in western cultures. Bindi can be found in red colors, small black dots, sparkles, crystals, and decorated ones. Therefore, you can choose one depending on which one you



Anyone trying to pull off an Indian ethnic look should consider a dupatta as part of a necessary accessory. The dupatta is a piece of cloth that is like a shawl that can be of various fabrics. Many times it is worn around both shoulders over your attire like on a salwar kameez or long Kurtis with the front cut. Nowadays, the dupatta is a multi-purpose piece of accessory that is used in various ways. For instance, like scarves, to cover the head, head wrap and more ways to use the dupatta keep on evolving. This fashion statement accessory can be a plain color, printed or have accessories like stones, beadwork or metallic stones around its hemline.

Nose ring

Not many women love the nose ring. But in India, it is a fashion accessory. This Indian piece of jewelry creates a traditional look for the woman and adds beauty and appeal to a woman’s face. They are an everyday look and large hoop nose rings are worn during wedding ceremonies by the bride. All in all, it has no limitations to what to wear it with and any attire you wear just blends well when you have a nose ring. From the traditional Anarkali dresses to the simple jeans and t-shirts.


Balis or Jhumkas are type earrings that Indian women adorn to that give them a unique look. This adds to their beauty, unlike the common earrings that every other woman wears. Their unique shape and design make them an eye turner and any woman can carry them with elegance and style. Indian women wear the jhumkas as a day to day accessory to their outfit whether it is kurtas and palazzos, Lehenga cholis or pants with Kurtis. They just fit in and upgrade your look.


Kamar Patta

The kamar patta also known as waist chains should be worn with an attire that can show them well. That’s the beauty of them. Traditionally they are worn with sarees to add beauty to your waist. This elegant accessory is also common during festive occasions and pre-wedding ceremonies. It is an ideal part of an Indian bride’s wardrobe. For with the many wedding ceremonies an Indian bride is incomplete without a kamar patta. Other parts of the world adorn it as well with jeans and skirts to add to their look.

Maang tikka

Indian brides always adorn the Maang tikka and look ravishing in it. This long-standing Indian bridal accessory is worn on the central parting of the hair in a way it falls on the forehead. It is made from pearls, diamonds, semi-precious stones, and gold. A bride adorning the Maang tikka completes the Indian ethnic look beautifully. In modern society, they are seen on formal occasions, runways and beauty pageants.


It is a traditional Indian handmade shoe or hands embroidered flats that are worn in India. They are also known as chappals and add color to the outfit you pair them with. Jootis is mainly paired with traditional attires and is a unisex pair of shoe. A pair of Jootis is a must-have in your wardrobe to blend them with your traditional clothes. Plus, they are comfortable and easy to walk with as you run your errands.



After having their pedicure done and henna applied. Multiple bangles are worn as a fundamental accessory to the Indian signature style. They are an essential part of a brides wedding look like part of the traditional customs. Glass, ivory, shell, gold, and wood are some of the materials used to make the bangles. Bangles symbolize femininity and the sound of bangles is unique at a ceremony. Bangles are also worn with other attires and to many other occasions.


Just as the name suggests they are worn to adorn the ankles. They are a style statement that is lightweight and beautiful. They are commonly worn on one ankle for a modern look and you can walk gracefully with them for they are a pretty piece of accessory on your leg. Additionally, you can add a Bichiya also called a toe ring to add another accessory to your feet but on your toes. In India, married women wear them as a symbol of marriage but many women who are unmarried in various societies wear them today. Add these two beautiful ornaments to add style to your identity.