What If these Popular Hollywood Heroes had Indian Moms. The Results are Dank Hilarious

Life seems to be beautiful in the world of What if’s and Why Nots’. It is a world of imagination where creativity takes its craziest routes. And as far as Indian moms are considered, they are Ziddi, over-enthusiastic, and at the same time, loving and caring. Today, we took a journey and looked at, what if the popular Hollywood Heroes had Indian Moms. It is a flight of fancy and of course, Indian moms are the best in the world. Check ’em out.

What if these Hollywood Characters had Indian Mom

Jackie Chan

“Beta, Tu Engineer Banta. Ye Karate warate main kya rakha hain?”

Credits – Giphy

James Bond

“Arey mujhe jaldi se Lajpat nagar leke chalo.”

Credits – Giphy

Leondardo De Carpio

“Mere Sola Somavar Ki Punya Se Tu Oscar Jeeta Hai.”

Credits – Giphy

Mr. Bean

“Beta tu kab bada hoga? Sharma ji ke bete ke tho do do shaadiyaan hogayi.”

Credits – Giphy

Tyrion Lannister

“Complan peele bete.”

Credits – Giphy

Spider Man

“Agli Baar Ghar Mein Makdi Ka Jaal Dikhta Tho Maar Daalongi.”

Credits – Giphy

Super Man

“Tu pant par chaddi Pehen Kar Society Mein Humaari Ijjat Loota Raha Hai.”

Credits – Giphy

Fast and Furious

“Arey Mehman Aagaye. Fattak Se Jaa Kar Samose Leke Aa.”

Credits – Giphy

Super Woman

“Ye Kya Kapde Hein. Log Kya Kahenge.”

Credits – Giphy

Ant Man

“Shakkar Ke Dibba Ko Haat LagaayaTho Haat Kaat Doongi.”

Credits – Giphy


Apne Saare Doston Mein Sabase Zyaada Awaara Tu Hi Hai.

Credits – Giphy


“Beta Hum Chowkidaar Ko Paise Kyun Dein? Raat Bhar Tu Bhi Jaagta Rehta Hai.”

Credits – Giphy

Harry Potter

“Arey Mere Jhaadu Pocha Se Khelna Band Karo.”

Hehe. This happens if the Hollywood Characters had Indian Moms. If you have anything to add to the list then please let us know in the comments below 🙂


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