Poore Desh Me Khela Hoga. When General Elections Come, It Will Be Modi V/S Country – Says Didi

Modi vs Mamata

Didi vs Modi is always an entertaining squabble for the political pundits across the country and Didi always finds crazy slogans to openly lash out against the central saffron party.

This time Mamta Banarjee made a public announcement that says August 16 will be celebrated as Khela diwas which will be marked by distribution of footballs to poor children.This news announcement was soon circulated
with lots of memes and laughter throughout social media.


Didi’s speech on TMC martyr’s day

Trinamool Congress Supremo Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday launched a scathing attack against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and urged all regional parties to come together to defeat the saffron party in the 2024 national elections. Banerjee also said that “Khela” will happen until the BJP is removed from the country. “We will start the fight of 2024 from now and we need to start planning from now”, said Banerjee at the Martyr’s Day rally in Kolkata.

‘Khela Hobe’ was the electoral slogan of the TMC in the run up to the Bengal elections earlier this year; but now didi plans to take forward this slogan at the national level drawing attentions of the people across the

But this announcement didn’t went as she thought in fact twitterati found this as a meme material and asked Didi to first make a seat for herself in a single constituency before eyeing on the central kingdom.While some took this as an opportunity to share their fews about the failed Modi government


Here are some of the neutral and funny tweets:

Didi’s call for “Khela Hoga”

Didi’s governance in Bengal is filled with violence and monopoly of TMC and now she wishes to tame the giant saffron party and throne the PM seat, well its a long journey till 2024, Lets wait and watch!