Poonam Pandey Responds To Pakistan’s World Cup Ad Mocking Pilot Abhinandan And It Is Unpredictable

poonam pandey pakistani ad

Earlier a Pakistan’s Tv channel named Jazz TV had released an advertisement keeping in mind the match between Pakistan and India at Old Trafford, Manchester, on June 16. This ad gained a lot of negative reaction as it hurt the sentiments of Indians and called it to be a racist ad. However, now it looks Poonam Pandey has responded to Pakistan’s ad and it is savage.

Abhinandan Mocked in Pakistan Ad

The character in the short clip is seen wearing the pilot’s signature handlebar mustache and is dressed in the Indian cricket team’s blue. He is shown sipping from a cup of tea—much as the real-life Abinandan did in a video released by the Pakistani military. On various questions asked about Indian cricket team’s strategies in the video, the character is seen saying “I’m sorry, I am not supposed to tell you this.”


The unpredictable Diva

Poonam Pandey has responded by posting a video on social media with the caption that read, “My Answer to the Pakistani AD. #INDvPAK World Cup 2019.” The video shows Poonam showing the Pakistani ad on her mobile while sipping on a cup of tea.

She then expressed her concern over the ad and said, “I saw this Pakistani ad yesterday on my Whatsapp, making fun of a war hero. Dear Pakistan that is not cool,” she said and then did something really unexpected and weird.

She undoes her bra on camera, and says, “Why settle for a teacup when you can actually have a D-cup, a double D-cup? You can even have tea in it.”

The video then ends by giving a “thug-life” tribute to the response. This is the clear act of getting some attention from the crowd. She had been doing this all along to be in the limelight. Poonam had also posted few semi-nude photos on social media to cheer for India’s victories in the last two World Cup matches.


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