A Politician promises to Resolve Bengaluru Traffic If Elected, gets invited from Comedy Clubs to perform.


Do not mess with Bengaluru traffic because people are really frustrated about it. Recently, it so happened that a politician from Karnataka claimed that he will resolve the traffic problems in the city if elected in the upcoming Karnataka assembly elections. That’s it and now the politician has become popular and groovy among the comedy clubs of the country. Also, this has become a food for media and troll pages as the person seemed to be too much impractical for his capabilities.

During a political rally in the city, the politician (name hidden) promised and almost declared that there will be no more traffic mess in Bengaluru. As a response to this, the entire audience gathered went ROFL and laughed out their buts off. Looking at this, the comedy clubs are trying to get this genius politician to perform however he hasn’t accepted any offers yet. (Seriously?)



The Poor Politician said,

“Things have been really bad since I made that speech. What’s so funny about it? I just said that there will be no traffic mess if I win in the elections. Everyone laughed so hard that even my own party members were a part of it. Since then, the crowd at my rallies has just kept growing but they all keep shouting during my speech requesting me to tell the traffic joke.”

When asked about his plans or ideas to tackle the traffic problem, he said,

“Of course not. Which Politician prepares a plan before promising something to the people before the elections? Let us win the elections then we will think about our promises and whether we have to fulfill them or not.”

He is a Humble Politician Nograj in making. Seriously!


Information Source: First Post, BM, and TOI.

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