‘PM Oli Is Insane’, Ayodhya Priests Lash Out At Nepal PM After He Said Lord Rama Is A Nepali

After Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said that Lord Ram was Nepali and he was born in Nepal and not in India, the priests in Ayodhya reacted to it and lashed out at the Nepal leader.

Reacting to the statements of the Prime Minister of Nepal, Mahant Dinendra Das, the member of the Ram Temple trust said,


“Lord Rama was born here. He was born here in Ayodhya near Sarayu river. It is a popular belief that he belongs to Ayodhya. It is true that Sita ji was from Nepal, but to claim that Lord Rama was Nepali is wrong. I condemn Oli’s statement.”

PM Oli (3)

The President of Rama Dal Trust, Kalki Ram Das Maharaj also said that Oli was working on behalf of Pakistan. He said,

“I condemn his comment. They used to be a Hindu Rashtra but now they are working on the behalf of China and Pakistan. There is a line in our religious books – The place from where Saryu river flows in the east is Ayodhya – and there is no Saryu river in Nepal, how can he claim that Ram belongs to Nepal. I am challenging him that he will be dethroned in one month.”

China Behind PM Oli

Another priest Mahant Paramhansh Acharya also said,

“Oli is not Nepali, he is not aware of his country’s history. He is betraying Nepal. China had captured over two dozen Nepali villages and to conceal that he is using Lord Rama’s name. Lord Rama belongs to the whole universe. He was born here in Ayodhya. Oli is betraying his people and people of Nepal should protest against him otherwise they have to face the ill fate. It does not make a difference whatever he said. Oli is insane.”

Speaking at a cultural program in his residence, Oli said,


“We still believe we gave Sita to Prince Ram but we gave the prince too, from Ayodhya, not India. Ayodhya is a village a little west of Birgunj (a district in Nepal). We have been oppressed a bit, culturally. Facts have encroached.”


Source: The Times of India