PM Modi’s Sympathy Towards Bihar Has Turned The Citizens Of Karnataka In An Outrage

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Flood situations in Bihar are making things worse for its citizens to carry on their day to day life. Heavy rains have till now taken the lives of 27 people in the last few days. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had discussed the situation with Nitish Kumar and has said that the center stands ready to provide all possible help to the flood victims. The statement coming from the PM was taken as “You show me the man and I’ll show you the rule”, a tilt interest politics. People in Karnataka protested Modi’s move on Bihar as discriminating factor for the flood-hit victims in Karnataka.

‘A Tilt politics’ says the citizens of Karnataka

Several parts of Bihar have been suffering from floods since the past few days. The total death rate caused by this natural calamity has climbed to 40. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday discussed the flood situation in Bihar with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and said the central government stands ready to provide all possible help.

PM Modi tweeted, “Spoke to Bihar CM @NitishKumar Ji regarding the flood situation in parts of the state. Agencies are working with the local administration to assist the affected.”

This tweet has turned into an aggravation amongst the people in Karnataka as they demand justice for its people. Not a long ago Karnataka was also victimized by nature’s worse face. Many houses and buildings were damaged by the flood and people had no shelters to live. People accused the Prime Minister of showing feelings for people of Bihar and not Karnataka.

A twitter handler named @Suitcase Swamy wrote, “Bihar hit by a flood, the same day he responded, in Karnataka from past 4 months lakhs of the family became homeless and you @narendramodi don’t have time to meet a CM.

source: twitter

A user named Sachin Sanghe tweeted, Dear sir, pls look at #Karnataka flood victims also it’s been 2mnths n we are still waiting for relief funds. Disappointing that we didn’t hear a word from you about this. @AmitShah ji, @nsitharaman ji visited and yet nothing happened! We need your kind attention, sir, pls.

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