PM Modi’s Ferozepur Rally Canceled After ‘Security Breach’, BJP Hits Out At Punjab CM

A serious security breach has now taken place in Punjab as the PM of India was stuck on a flyover during his Punjab visit on Wednesday- a lapse the Centre has blamed on the Punjab government and sought a report. PM Modi was on his way to inaugurate several projects in the state but had to cancel his visit post the security issues.

PM Convoy Stalled For 20 minutes In Punjab

As per the original plan, PM Modi was to take a helicopter to Hussainwala after landing at Bathinda airport. Poor weather conditions forced a change in plan, and it was decided that the PM would travel to the National Marytrs Memorial via road- a journey of over two hours. The convoy proceeded on the journey only after confirmation of necessary security arrangements by the DGP Punjab, the MHA said.


It further said that the Punjab government did not deploy additional security as a contingency plan to secure any movement by road. After this, the PM’s convoy headed back to Bathinda airport. “What was witnessed on the flyover was a surprising scene of connivance between Punjab police and so called protestors. Only Punjab police knew the precise route of the PM. Never has such police behavior been witnessed. This is the single biggest lapse in security of any Indian PM in recent years,” government sources said.


The flyover where PM was halted

Punjab CM Channi Refuses The Allegations

Channi, however, has refuted the allegations. “Till 3 am last night, I got all roads cleared after talks. PM had to come by air from Bathinda to Ferozepur…At the last minute, when in Bathinda, he changed his programme and said he will go by road. He should have told the Punjab government in advance, we could have made alternative arrangement as alternative routes are prepared for VIP movement,” the chief minister told a leading news daily.

“But he proceeded by road without any prior programme and some took an opportunity and blocked the route. This was a natural happening…there were no lapses,” Channi added. Whatsoever the reason was it is a serious mistake and has to found out who’s correct and who’s wrong?



Source : TOI