PM Modi’s Appeal On Lighting Lamps Is Part Of BJP’s Hidden Agenda: Former K’taka CM HD Kumaraswamy

Former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has alleged that PM Modi’s appeal to shine torches and light candles on April 5th is a part of BJP’s hidden agenda. HDK also challenged the PM to offer a scientific explanation for all of this.

Earlier on Friday, PM Modi, in his eleven-minute long video-message at 9 am, had requested the people of India to switch off their lights at 9 pm on April 5th and light candles or diyas to show that they are in this fight against COVID-19 together.


HDK posted a tweet on the topic today

In the tweet, he said:

Has the PM slyly asked the nation to observe a candlelight vigil on the eve of foundation day of BJP? April 6 being its foundation day, what else can explain the choice of date & time for this event? I challenge the PM to offer a credible scientific and rational explanation.

He further added:


It is shameful to convert the national crisis into an event of self-aggrandizement & it is beyond shameful to push the hidden agenda of his party in the face of global calamity. May sense prevail upon the PM.

Courtesy: Deccan Herald

Doctors are yet to get PPE

HDK reminded the Prime Minister that the doctors and the medical staff are yet to get their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). He also told that the COVID-19 testing kits are yet to be made available to the common man at an affordable price.

In such a scenario, he opined that it is a meaningless task to light candles and improve the collective solidarity of the citizens.


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