PM Modi Withdraws Three farms, Suspended For Two Years, Here’s What He Said

The three controversial farm laws that were a headache for the farmers countrywide will be revoked soon, said the PM, today morning while addressing the nation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation at 9 a.m. on November 19, to announce that the new farm laws enacted in 2019 will be repealed in the upcoming winter session of Parliament. Farmers, most of them from Punjab, have been opposing the laws since it was enacted. They have been stationed in the borders of Delhi as part of their protest.

PMO Office Nodded The Same

Prime Minister says “Today, I want to tell you that the three farm laws will be repealed.” He adds “I appeal to all farmers who are protesting, on this good day of Gurpurab, to go home in good spirits.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi says “We have also taken another decision, a committee will be constituted to look into all aspects of agriculture.” Prime Minister quotes “O mother goddess give me the strength never to fear in doing the right thing”. He adds “I did all this for the benefit of farmers and will continue to work on the same.”



Earlier Protests In Delhi to revoke the laws

PM List Out Friendly Initiatives

PM adds “the agriculture budget now is five times more than it used to be. Prime Minister says “the three farm laws were brought in, the aim was to provide relief to small farmers To give them alternatives for selling their crops and to get them better prices for them. Farmers groups across the country have supported these moves and I express my gratitude to them.”

Prime Minister further adds “but despite all our efforts and good intentions we were not able to convince a section of farmers. Even though this section was not huge but it is important for us that we convince them. We tried engaging them in dialogue, we listened to their arguments and logic. The particular sections of the laws, which they objected to, were also acceded too. We agreed to suspend it for two years and now the matter is before the Supreme Court. Maybe there was a lack in our efforts that we were not able to convince this section of farmers.”