‘Please take my money unconditionally and close’: Vijay Mallya to Indian government

VIjay Mallya (2)

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya took to Twitter and urged the Government of India to accept his offer to pay 100 percent of his loan dues and in turn asked for the closure of the case against him.

On Twitter, Vijay Mallya also congratulated the government of India for the announcement of the economic relief package worth of 20 lakh crore that is aimed at restarting the ailing economy. Post that, Mallya criticized the government for not paying heed to his repeated offers of paying the loan back. Mallya had several times appealed to the government through the social media platform Twitter to accept a partial or full repayment of his loan dues. He wrote,


“Congratulations to the Government for a COVID 19 relief package. They can print as much currency as they want BUT should a small contributor like me who offers 100% payback of State-owned Bank loans be constantly ignored? Please take my money unconditionally and close.”

Vijay Mallya’s repeated appeals on Twitter

On April 28th, when the news of banks writing off 68,000 crores surfaced, Vijay Mallya quoted one of those articles and said,

“I have repeatedly offered 100 % payback but sadly to no avail.”

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Courtesy: The Quint

Mallya who is pretty active on the social media platform expressed his disappointment about the High Court Judgement of April 21st. He wrote,

“I am naturally disappointed with the High Court decision. I will continue to pursue further legal remedies as advised by my lawyers. I am also disappointed with the media narrative which states that I must face trial in India for a fraud of Rs 9000 crores. The Banks have already recovered in cash a sum of Rs 2500 crores which is 50 percent of the principal amount. I have repeatedly offered to repay the Banks in full but, sadly to no avail.”

Earlier in April, Vijay Mallya had sought permission to appeal against the order of his extradition to India in the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court. Two weeks earlier, United Kingdom’s High Court had rejected his appeal against the lower court ruling of him to be extradited to India on the charges of defrauding Indian banks of more than 9,000 crore rupees in connection with the fall of Kingfisher Airlines in 2012.


Source: Free Press Journal