“Please Go Home!” This IT company’s software ‘Shuts Down’ system after work-hours

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An IT company in Madhya Pradesh has installed software in their employees’ systems that automatically lock their desktops after work hours and reminds them to go home.

The work-life balance

A small IT company in Madhya Pradesh, Indore, gives monumental importance to the work-life balance of its employees above anything else. Named SoftGrid computers, the company operates from Indore and doesn’t allow its employees to work outside their shift hours. It ensures the same by displaying a pop-up on employees’ screens when their shift ends, reminding them to go home, reported India Today.




Tanvi Khandelwal, an employee of the company, shared a post on LinkedIn about the same. Tanvi, in her post, mentioned that her employer supports work-life balance and her system is automatically locked after business hours.

She wrote, “This is not a promotional and imaginary post! This is the reality of our office !! SoftGrid Computers. My employer supports #WorkLifeBalance. They put this special Reminder, which locks my desktop after business hours and issues a warning. No more calls and mails outside business hours. Isn’t this fantastic? So, I think if you are working in this type of culture, you do not need any Monday Motivation or Fun Friday to improve your mood! And this is a reality of our office!! Yes in this era we believe in flexible working hours and happy environment. Cheers to all of us.”

The CEO speaks

Speaking about the same the company’s CEO, Ajay Golani, told ANI, “The thought behind the move is to ensure a good work-life balance for the employees. This way, the employees will be able to spend more time with their loved ones and families.”


Another employee, Kritika Dubey, said that the notification helped her leave on time and fulfill other responsibilities at home. Her statement echoes the CEO’s comment and shows that the thought behind displaying the notification really works.