Plasma Therapy A True Sanjeevini: 3 Out Of 4 COVID-19 Patients Successfully Treated In Indore

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Plasma therapy is proving to be a true Sanjeevini in a quest to cure the Coronavirus mugged people all around the country. COVID-hit Indore, on Wednesday, discharged 141 more corona patients from four hospitals of the city resulting in the highest number of patients discharged in a single day. And the most interesting thing is that the discharged patients also included three of the four patients who had opted for a plasma therapy trial, a 2-month-old boy, and a 4-day-old girl.

Plasma Therapy proved to be Sanjeevini

According to the Freepress Journal, these patients were discharged from different hospitals, including the highest number of patients by a single hospital is Shri Aurobindo Hospital which discharged 100 patients. Eleven patients were discharged from Choithram Hospital. Twenty-four from Index Medical College and 6 from MTH. With this, the total figures of patients discharged from Indore so far record 629 “authorized”.


Three of the four patients Kapil Dev Bhalla, Priyal Jain, and Anish Jain have successfully battled the disease with the help of plasma therapy. It is said that they were the first batch of patients on whom the trial of plasma therapy was performed and they were discharged from the hospital in 10 days.

“We have successfully discharged them. The fourth patient is also healthy but he didn’t go home as his family member is admitted. He is also ready to be discharged and will go home soon,” Chairman of Shri Aurobindo Institute of Management Dr. Vinod Bhandari said.

He also said that it was the biggest challenge for them to opt for the plasma therapy but the attempt proved to be a ‘worthy of a try’.


“Soon, we will treat more patients with plasma therapy as about 15 donors are ready to donate plasma. We will be able to treat 30 more patients soon with it,” Dr. Bhandari said adding “We have become the hospital with the highest number of discharged patients so far in the state and will discharge more patients soon.”

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Kapil Dev Bhalla, a Public Relations Officer of Indore Development Authority, shared his experience saying “People’s prayer saved me, we should pray for all COVID-19 patients”

“With the people’s prayer, love, and care showed by doctors and administrative officials, I survived. I had given consent for plasma therapy immediately when doctors asked me without thinking for a minute and it saved my life. I am thankful to Dr. Dosi, Dr. Kalpana, and other staff of SAIMS for saving my life.” He said adding “We should all wish them health and pray for COVID 19 patients who are struggling with it.”


Not the end of life

Priyal Jain, a Software engineer in Bengaluru, said that plasma therapy has brought good results.

”I was not able even to breathe by myself and was on artificial oxygen before plasma was transfused. Improvement was witnessed from the second day. I am thankful to the doctors and staff of SAIMS who brought me back from the brink,” she said.

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She appealed to the people to remain positive and said that it is not the end of life if you are COVID-19 positive. Things will improve and it just needs positivity and will power.


Speaking on the same, Anish Jain too shared that he was struggling to breathe and his lungs were damaged. “Doctors took the consent of plasma therapy from me and my family and the decision changed my life. They brought me back to normal life again and I am successfully going home after beating the deadly disease,” he said.

Four-day old girl discharged

According to the report, a four-day-old baby girl was also discharged from a hospital on Tuesday along with her mother. She was born in the hospital four days ago as doctors performed delivery after her mother’s first report tested negative. “We had taken the samples of the one-day-old girl and her reports read negative when she turned four-day-old. We discharged her with her mother and both of their reports were negative,” COO of SAIMS Rajeev Singh said.

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It is also said that a two-month-old baby Swajay Tiwari was also discharged from Choithram Hospital. He was admitted with his mother who expressed gratitude towards doctors while being discharging from the hospital.

Furthermore, Rajeev Singh said that they have discharged as many as 334 patients so far and have 45 percent patients discharge rate which is higher than the national percentage i.e. 28 percent.