8 Super-Awesome Things and Places to Celebrate Ganesha Festival in Bangalore

ganesha festival in bangalore

Ganesha, the Lord of sagacity and acumen is all set to hit the roads of the city and the heart of our abode. Ganesha Chaturthi is a festival that is celebrated across the country breaking the borders of caste and creed. It is a carnival of togetherness and a gala of frolic which is a beautiful amalgamation of culture and art. Bengaluru being the polestar for events and celebrations, the local flavor has already hit the market with Ganesha idols, orchestra, sectarian sanghas, and Chanda collection going in full swing. Though Bengaluru is not known for Ganesha Celebrations unlike Mumbai and Delhi, the local civic and the urban society has their own way to it. Come, let us find out what is there for us to celebrate Ganesha Festival in Bangalore.

Super-Awesome Things and Places to Celebrate Ganesha Festival in Bangalore

Celebrate Ganesha Festival in Bangalore
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Bengaluru Ganesha Utsav, Basavanagudi

When we talk about Ganesha Celebrations in Bengaluru the first name that comes to our mind is the ‘Bengaluru Ganesh Utsav’ of Basavanagudi. This is a marathon event and the longest running pandal for Ganesha Celebrations in the city. APS college ground of Basavanagudi hosts this mega event that brings the greatest names in art, cinema, theater, music, and dance on one stage. It is a real fiesta to witness this marvelous gala that happens in Namma Bengaluru. They are at present in their 56th year and if you are in Bengaluru then don’t miss this.


Here is the schedule of noted events from Bengaluru Ganesha Utsav, 2018 compiled for you.

19th September – A concert by S.P Balasubramaniam – 7:00 PM

15th September – Raaga Ranjini, classical jugalbandi – 7:00 PM


18th September – Hasya Sanje – 7:00 PM

21st September – Rishi Kapoor in conversation with Vijay Prakash – 7:00 PM

23rd September – Musical Night by Vijaprakash – 7:00 PM


22nd September – Bharatha Natya by Hasmitha Ganesh– 7:00 PM

22nd September – A Musical night by Shreya Goshal – 7:00 PM

For more information – Bengaluru Ganesha Utsava


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108 Ganeshotsav, DVG Road

Sri Vinayaka Mithra Mandali hosts Ganeshotsava every year with all grandeur and gratitude. This year, they are celebrating their 22nd Ganesha Utsav in the city and it has already taken the color of local celebration. There will be a whole lot of fun with musical shows, comedy skits, plays, and folk dance. The team also arrange Annadanam for the visitors which is something we all need to appreciate.

What’s special: Vasu Dixit Collective (2nd Sep, 7:00 PM). Check this link for more details

Celebrate Ganesha Festival in Bangalore
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Behind the Scenes of Ganesha making with EKA

It is indeed a festival to see different varieties of Ganesha but did you witness the behind the scenes of Ganesha making? EKA presents ‘Observing Ganesha’ that draws the huge number of interested people witnessing the art of Ganesha making. This is one of the craziest things you can do during the Ganesha Chaturthi in the Bengaluru.

Where: Magadi Road and other EKA locations


ganesha in bangalore
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Ganesha Festival – Inorbit Mall

The flea market of Inorbit mall has a lot of exciting things for you and the flea market encourages the social cognizance towards making the celebration, eco-friendly, and entertaining. There will be an exclusive Ganesha icon making workshops where you can meet and greet the craftsmen of a creative stature (Youth crowd). You can pick the pooja materials, decor items, and enjoy the toothsome desserts and walk around the mall for some great time.

Where: Whitefield, Bengaluru

Other places of this kind – Forum Value Mall, Orion Mall, and Prestige Shantiniketan

Celebrate Ganesha Festival in Bangalore
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Ganesha Idol Shopping in Jayanagar 4th Block

One important aspect of Ganesha Chaturthi is Ganesha Idol shopping. If you are looking for places of shopping then Bengaluru local markets are blazed with colors. We have K.R Market, Magadi Road, Malleswaram, Sunday Bazaar of BVK Iyengar Road and the ever green Jayanagar 4th block.

These are the places where you don’t hear the buzz words like bar codes and scanners. Experience the old-style Shopping and the shameless haggling. You can buy fresh mango leaves, and flowers from the flower stalls put over there. The makeshift shop of Jayanagar 4th block houses beautiful Ganesha and Gowri idols. Tiny shops within the complex has everything you need for Puja. Explore the market and get the best of it.


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Ganesha Pandals

Bengaluru is one of the beautiful cities in the country that is blessed with the highest number of temples and Wikipedia says that the number is more than 1000. So, Ganesha being the first worshipped God, we have a good number of Ganesha temples in the city. It is a tradition here that we put pandals during the Utsav and if you want to experience the beauty of them then you can head to the popular Ganesha sanctuaries of Bengaluru.

Dodda Ganesha temple of Basavnagudi is a must visit and if you have time then you can go to Panchamukha Ganapati temple (Mysore road), Shri Jambu Ganapathi temple (Malleswaram), Ananthnagar Ganapathi temple, and Maha Ganapathi temple (Malleswaram Circle).

Celebrate Ganesha Festival in Bangalore
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Visarjana Places

One beautiful thing about Ganesha Festival in India is Ganesha visarjana. It is a beautiful event that will be so gorgeous and happening that every color of the rainbow comes to witness the exodus of the Lord. If you want to experience it then you can go to famous spots and lakes in the city like Sankey Tank, Ulsoor Lake, and Basavanagudi.

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Techie Ganesha and Power Ganesha Temples

You will be amazed to know that Bengaluru has temples in the names of Techie Ganesha temple and Power Ganesha temple. Power Ganesha is the wealthiest and politically powerful Ganesha in Bangalore with Diamond Kirita. Techie Ganesha temple which was inaugurated in 1979 attracts a lot of software professionals from HSR Layout, Sarjapur, and Koramangala and so is the name.

Techie Ganesha – KHB Colony, Koramangala Layout, Bengaluru

Power Ganesha – Opp Jain temple, Jayanagar 4th block, Bengaluru

Celebrate Ganesha Festival in Bangalore
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If you want to experience the real fiesta of Ganesha Festival in Bengaluru then this is the list you must try to accomplish. We wish you all a Happy Ganesha Chaturthi. Let the Lord Ganesha bless everyone to happiness and success.

PS: Images put may not have a resemblance to the reality. Featured image credits – BGU

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