An Unheard Beauty Pithrody Udhayavara Beach Is A Must-Visit When You Are in Udupi

The strong urge comes up to visit some places are by the images we see. Some images are too good to believe, such one beauty is Pithrody Udhayavara Beach. A very less famous yet, very beautiful and a serene place to relax. The Pithrody village is so close to Udupi (11 km) but yet people have not heard about it.

Udupi is a land of ethereal ancient beauty not only known for its temples, cuisines and religious heritage it also has many beaches in vast tranquil Arabian Sea on the west. But most of the beaches are not known by people outside Karnataka.


Encased By Arabian Sea

Pithrody is a small village of Udupi about 3 km west of Udhayavara town. The river Udhayavara flows through this village. That is why sometimes it is also known as Pithrody River. This village is the access point to the clean untouched beach across the river. The beach is known as Pithrody Udhayavara beach. It is one of the kinds of beach encased by the Arabian Sea from one side and river on the other side.

With a river in the backyard, fishing is the most preferable occupation of the people here. Apart from being the access point to the beach, the wide river is safe for fishing and anchoring. The village is mainly inhabited by Mogaveeras a fishing community of coastal Karnataka. Fishing is the prime occupation of the village the place might remain as secluded as it is forever. It is also known for many fish mills and the pollution they have caused to the river Udhayavara. These beaches if developed properly can make Udupi a most visited tourist spot not only in Karnataka but all over India.

pithrody beach

Hidden Gem

Unlike other beaches of India, it is very less known and is left untouched by the commercialization. It is a good spot if you just want to relax in solitude. The river forms many islets or ‘Kudrus’ (Island) as known locally around the village. Some of them are inhabited but lack general facilities like water, electricity, etc.


There are many islets in the river around the village which are good spots for tourism but are not yet developed. The nearby area of Udhayavara town is budding as real estate hot spot. It holds good potential for commercial tourist place and water sports.

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Although it is good for the economy of the area; if thinking about nature, it is best in her regard to leaving her alone. Every possible care should be taken to preserve the river and inhabitants of the river. Fish mills should follow industry standard waste management because Many fishes have died due to the mills waste and the village has seen many protests in the past by the local fishermen.


pithrody beach

There is a species of travelers who like to see the nature in its wildest pristine form. This place is for those few. If you are planning to visit this beautiful place then don’t forget to share your incredible shots with MetroSaga on Instagram to get highlighted on our page.

Happy Exploring, Cheers!!