Pitch Invader Jarvo Is Back Again ,Well This Time As An Indian Batsman

India vs England test series has been heating up each day with enthralling moments filled with hopes and grit.In the previous test match an English man dressed up in an Indian test jersey with a Jarvo name entered into the Lords ground as a 12th man for India.This time again he drew the attention of masses as a batsman after Rohit Sharma’s wicket fell.

Jarvo Barges Again

Pitch invader Jarvo was one of the talking points of the India-England second Test at Lord’s. Claiming to be the ‘first white person to play for India’, Jarvo had dressed up in India whites and barged into the ground during the second Test.


And he did it again in the third Test in Leeds, this time padded up to bat after Rohit Sharma’s dismissal on Day 3. Needless to say, security personnel were not amused.


Is Jarvo A Lucky Card For India

Last test when Jarvo showed up India actually won the match ,this time it’s a dramatic situation, who knows his presence might actually turn up the game..!

Third test proved to be a headache for India as the batting line up collapsed in India’s first innings, which eventually resulted in India to just post a total of 78 on board.At the same time England posed a mighty 345 runs lead making it even more tougher for India to enter the game again.


Pujara and Kohli had been resilient so far with extraordinary batting in the second innings and were stoned at the pitch after day 3 stumps.Rohit posed a fabulous 58 and returned to pavilion and hopes are high as Kohli seems to return back in his form after his jitters in previous innings so far…