Indian Army Has Claimed To Have Found Some Pictures Of Snow Man. People Took It To All New Level

footprints of Yeti

We all have seen ‘yeti’ an ape-like animal in cartoons which is very much a mythical creature believed to exist in the Himalayan ranges in Nepal. Yeti is a Nepali word which means ‘abominable snowman’. However, the Indian army has claimed to have found gigantic footprints of Yeti measuring up to 32 x 15 inches. During a mountaineering trek, the team discovered the huge footprints on April 9 at Makalu Base Camp in Nepal.

The Abominable Snowman’s Footprint

Army on Monday night took to a tweet sharing with its 5.9 million followers. They released three pictures of gigantic footprints clearly suggesting that they did not belong to a human. However, according to them, the mysterious snow monster has only been sighted at Makalu-Barun National Park in the past. Makalu-Barun National park has been the regular site where such footprints were sighted in the past. But for the first time, such a large number of these impressions on the snow were recorded by the army men, who properly photographed it.

“We got the inputs about 10 days back and yet we decided to hold on to it. But then we decided that there is photographic evidence which matches with earlier theories. We tweeted as we thought it would be prudent to excite scientific temper and rekindle the interest”, said the Indian Army Officer to DH

People Reacted

After this tweet, lots of Twitter users expressed their opinions and others questioned the reality of the picture. However, few considered it as a joke and several were surprised. Let us see some of the tweets.