10 Best Locations to Take Pre-Wedding Photographs in Miami

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Miami is known for its rich historic culture, pearly beaches, and electrifying nightlife. Its picturesque scenery also makes for a great background for hobbyist or professional photography. If you offer wedding photography in Miami, here are 10 gem locations that will make your photos enchanting, dreamy, and nostalgic.

1. Vizcaya Gardens

If you are a sucker for dreamy photos, the Vizcaya Garden is an excellent location for a pre-wedding shoot. The gardens are painted with lush gardens with enchanting fountains that sparkle in the natural light. There is also plenty of statues and artwork to play around with as backdrops. Vizcaya Garden is truly a landmark for wedding photography in Miami and opens every day of the week.

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2. Hammock Park

Matheson Hammock Park is perfect if you want dense natural flora as the background of your flora. The park is filled with walking and cycling trails that can form ideal leading lines as you frame your photos. You also get plenty of native mangroves, oak trees carpeted with moss, and a picturesque beach by the bay. The best photos in Hammock Park are captured around fall and winter.

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3. MacArthur Causeway/Miami Skyline

How best to have a destination pre-wedding photoshoot than with the entire Miami Skyline on the background? MacArthur is one of those recommended spots for capturing emotional photos of your subject while the city glows in the background. Photographing at dusk is best when the skyscrapers light up in the blue hour creating a spectacular scene. Alternatively, walk down to the bottom of the Causeway for a different frame; the causeway can be a leading line to your subject.

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4. Haulover Inlet

If you want to add a documentary feel to your images, the Haulover Inlet is a great spot to set up camp. It is a famous fishing spot in Miami, which also happens to have the best sunrise. You can get as creative as framing the pre-wedding couple among the fishermen going about their day. The sea water also hits the rocks sending sprays in the air which adds drama to your images.

5. Maurice Gibbs Park

This park is a refreshing spot to catch the city’s skyline too. What makes the Maurice Gibbs Park a sweet spot is the sparkly sea water lined with jutting rocks pointing towards the city’s scrapers. Go at sunrise or sunset to catch the sun’s warm colors which add intimacy to your photos.

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6. Venetian Bridge

Photographers who enjoy architectural details would love the portrait of Miami’s skyline separated from the water by the Venetian Bridge. The curvy details of the bridge complement both the city and your pre-wedding photography subjects.

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7. Deering Estate

This private estate is famous for its scenic beauty. You will definitely love the throngs of palm trees leading out to the sea. Sunsets are majestic here adding a fairytale touch to your photos.

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8. Brickell Skyscrapers

Downtown Miami is a great place to admire the city’s skyscrapers. Brickell is the recommended spot where you can photograph your subjects with the buildings towering up in the sky. Your photos will look really dreamy at night.

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9. Bill Baggs Park

Bill Baggs Park is an ideal location if you want your photos to travel back in time. Add a sepia touch to your images with an 1825 lighthouse peaking on the background. You could also make the lighthouse a prop to pose your models in.

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10. Wynwood Art District

A perfect spot to add a grungy yet artsy touch to your photos. Wynwood District is famous for its graffiti walls popping with dashing colors. If your pre-wedding couple has different wardrobes for the photoshoot, the Wynwood Art Walls would definitely make their attire standout.

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Final Remarks

As a destination photographer, you always want to create interesting backgrounds to pose your subjects in. If you have upcoming wedding photography in Miami gig, the above ten locations in Miami have the best scenes for capturing timeless photos.



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