This Is How People Reacted To Budget 2019 On Twitter – The Central Government Gives Income Tax Relief

budget 2019

By now, you might have read about the union budget released today. Finance minister Piyush Goyal presented the much-awaited union budget in Lok Sabha. He was appointed interim finance minister on January 23rd in context to Arun Jaitley undergoing treatment in the United States.

To put out the highlights of the newly released Budget 2019, individual taxpayers with an annual income of 5 lakh rupees will get a full tax rebate (tax slabs yet to release). Followed by, gratuity limit increased from 10 lakh to 30 lakh rupees. Adding on, 3.5 lakh of rupees is allocated for defence, the highest ever coupled with a reduction in GST giving relief to middle class and labor class of the nation.

budget 2019

In this context, people have expressed their opinion on Twitter and here we bring a few of them to know its impact on the common audience.

What do you think about this Budget 2019? Do let us know in the comments below. 




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