‘Penalty of Rs 1,000 if tenants bring guests after 10 pm’; Bengaluru Society’s Rules

A society in Bengaluru has banned bachelors and spinsters, living as tenants, to have guests after 10 pm in their flats.

‘No guests after 10 pm’

It is a common approach for societies and Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) to give rules and regulations for the residents. Most of these are prepared to provide the highest comfort to the flat owners or tenants while guaranteeing discipline on the premises. However, in a bizarre incident, a society located in Bengaluru’s Kundanhalli Gate area has banned bachelors and spinsters, living as tenants, to have guests after 10 pm in their flats.


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“No guests are allowed to Bachelors and Spinster’s flats post 10 pm. Guests are not allowed to stay overnight,” the society located in the Kundanhalli Gate area in Bengaluru said in its guidelines.

Surprisingly, society has also asked these tenants to get prior permission from the owner by email in a situation where their guests need to stay overnight. “If required, prior approval from Owner by email, Manager or Association office to be requested by submitting the guest’s ID proof and furnishing the stay duration and Guest entry on Mygate,” read the society’s notice posted on Reddit by a user.

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Furthermore, they said that bachelors and spinsters should follow the rules “strictly”. “No relaxation in case of violation. Penalty of Rs 1000/- or evict,” the notice added.


The guidelines also mentioned generic rules such as no loud music or parties after 10 pm. It also asked the residents to not use the corridors and balconies for phone calls after 10 pm.

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A user who shared this notice on a Reddit post, further mentioned in the comments that “in this society in Marathalli”, it is okay to monitor flats of bachelors. “Guards come ringing on bachelors flats to see if guests have left or not,” the user added.


Several users criticized the rules and voiced their disapproval.


“It’s worse than hostels. You’re paying money to rent out a flat. It’s your flat for the duration that you’re renting as per the rental agreements. Who’ll come to your flat and what you’ll do in the balcony is purely dependent on you. Society rules are becoming ridiculous these days it seems,” said a user.

Another person said, “The first part , with specific rules for bachelors is despicable. No calls in balconies or common area post 10 pm, seem like general rules and can be supported. Many people don’t realize how loud they can be.”

“This is the result of flat owners developing ‘god-complex’. I understand the noise restriction measures that fall under general decency, but the limitations on guests staying over or staying post 10PM is absurd. The ‘sense of control’ is all-consuming until its futility smacks them across the face,” said another user.