‘PayCM’ Photos With QR Code Pasted Across Bengaluru

The Karnataka Congress on Wednesday put out “PayCM” posters in Bengaluru with Chief Minister Basavraj Bommai’s facial expression and a QR code that redirects to the ’40 percent Sarkara’ website.

‘PayCM’ photos with QR code 

Days after the floods in Bengaluru, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai is facing protest in the most unusual way as his posters with the phrase ‘PayCM’ written above were spotted across the city on 21 September.


The QR code will take the user to the ’40 percent Sarkara’ website that was launched by Congress recently for citizens to file complaints against government corruption. The ’40 percent Sarkara’ jibe is a reference to allegations by Karnataka contractors who claim that 40 percent of the tender amount for state-funded infrastructural projects is taken as a bribe by BJP leaders and officials.

Congress alleges corruption 

Last week, Congress kicked off a campaign to target the state government over alleged corrupt practices. The party has asked citizens of Karnataka to report corruption and register complaints at a designated website – 40percentsarkara.com.

Previously, similar posters were seen when Bommai was to take part in the BJP’s Hyderabad ‘liberation day’ events.


Senior Karnataka Congress leader Siddaramaiah had earlier called the state administration a “40 percent sarkar” filled with “looters and scamsters”. Congress said it would continue to question the silence of the government on questions related to corruption raised by the grand old party.