Pay Fine If Students Speak In Kannada In The School; KDA Comes To Rescue

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A private school in Bengaluru has landed itself into trouble after it circulated a new rule where a student talking in Kannada would be punished. After angry parents protest the incident, the Kannada Development Authority (KDA) raided the school.

Speaking Kannada an offense?

The circulator reads,Children who communicate in Kannada in school premises will be fined for Rs 50 for the first time and if it continues, for second time Rs 100 will be charged effectively from January 30, 2020.”


The school is named SLS International Gurkula which is located in Horamavu. After several complaints from the parents, the Kannada Development Authority (KDA) raided the school. TS Nagabharana, the chairperson of KDA and other members also visited the school.

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During the raid, the school authorities accepted their mistake and said that ‘it was by mistake’. KDA authorities mentioned that the school management even apologized to them for issuing such a circular and assured them that they would not repeat it.

“The school authorities accepted their mistake and also apologized for what had happened. But, the chairperson decided to recommend disaffiliation of the school as there are no qualified teachers,” said one of the members.


Order for strict actions 

The KDA on Monday ordered the education department to take action against private schools that penalized students for speaking in Kannada.

I have directed the administrators of the education department to take proper action against the school for punishing the students who spoke in Kannada and violating human rights,” said TS Nagabharana.

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Military haircut for boys

There was one more interesting thing in the circular that directed all the boys to have a military haircut.


Military haircut for boys should be done before February 1, 2020. Parents are requested to maintain neatness of students, untidy students will be sent home back effective from 30th January 2020,” read the circular.

Hemavati Harishkumar, who is the Principal of the school said that the circular was issued at a time when she was absent and it will be soon withdrawn by Tuesday.

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“The circular was issued due to a miscommunication. We teach Kannada from nursery and there’s no question of compromising when it comes to teaching Kannada. We are withdrawing the circular and are issuing a revised one,” she said.