Here’s Everything You Need To Know Why The Success Of Mission Shakti Is Important For India

mission shakti

There are some moments and achievements for a country that gives it a major boost and recognition on the international platform. Mission Shakti is one such accomplishment that has propelled the status of India leaps and bounds ahead in space technology at the global level.

The news that India has successfully shot down a low-orbit satellite with the help of ASAT missile was announced by the Indian Prime Minister recently. Here are 7 things about Mission Shakti that makes it a path-breaking achievement:


1. ASAT Technology

With the launch of Mission Shakti, India has become one of the four nations that have mastered the anti-satellite (ASAT) missile technology. But with this new development, India intends to strengthen its space assets and do not in any way want to be a part of the race in space.

The Prime Minister of India has clarified that with the launch of Mission Shakti, India has not violated any international conventions.

2. India Crossing New Frontiers

By venturing into the ASAT technology, India has now crossed new frontiers similar to the way India carried out nuclear tests in 1998. Until now only Russia, the United States, and China have tested anti-satellite technology.


3. Indigenously Developed Technology

The launch of Mission Shakti has established the fact that India can indigenously develop space technology. Due to international pressures, the country could not acquire key technologies from other countries.

But it has certainly worked in favor of India which now has developed its own space and nuclear capabilities.

mission shakti

4. ASAT Indicates India’s Focus On Security

The launch of Mission Shakti is also an indication that India has increased its focus on security challenges going beyond Pakistan.


According to an analyst with the Observer Research Foundation, Arvind K. John, “The ASAT weapon is likely to be the most potent military tool for the armed forces over the next few decades, notwithstanding a revolutionary technological breakthrough.”

5. India Can Exploit ASAT Commercially

Now that India has acquired this ASAT technology successfully, the country can think of exploiting it for commercial use both globally as well as on the domestic level.

After developing its commercial satellites, India is now launching satellites for different countries. Similarly, India may extend help to other countries for fulfilling their desires to use ASAT.


A Government official stated, “This technological achievement will have many spin-offs that we can exploit for civilian commercial use.”

mission shakti

6. ASAT Has More Significance After Balakot Air Strike

Since the indigenous technology of Mission Shakti has been launched after the recent Balakot air strike and surgical strike against Pakistan in Uri in 2016, it has become much more relevant.

It has also once again emphasized the intention of India to use technology and skill for the country’s security. 

7. Mission Shakti To Make India Stronger

With the launch of ASAT, India has now gained a strong power in the space field which it will use to secure its boundaries. Importantly, India will also use it to take its approach of world peace and harmony further.


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