Increase In Demand For Parking Space At Metro Stations Have Little Chance Of Getting Fulfilled

Parking Space At Metro Stations

There is an increasing demand for more parking space at the metro stations according to a study by the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL). But the problem is that there are very few stations that can really fulfill this rising demand.

The fact is the four terminal stations of Namma Metro have a higher number of people parking their vehicles in its parking space as compared to other stations. Incidentally, these four terminal stations boast of having a well-managed parking infrastructure. Due to this parking arrangement a large number of commuters can park their vehicles and take up the train.

Parking Space At Metro Stations

Parking Problems At Infrastructure Fail To Get A Solution

These commuters, as a result, do not have to worry for taking yet another mode of transport after they get down from the metro. They can simply pick up their vehicles and go home irrespective of the fact whether it is day or night. Around 2,200 four wheelers and 12,000 two-wheelers are parked every day in 19 stations. Commuters who take the metro through remaining 22 stations that includes MG Road and Trinity Circle with no provision for parking infrastructure park their vehicles in nearby residential lanes.

Parking Space At Metro Stations

The highest number of vehicles are parked at the SV Road stations and Baiyappanahalli Mysuru Road stations as there is the availability of parking space. Around 350 four-wheelers and 1,500 two-wheelers are parked at these Mysuru and Baiyappanahalli stations to the end of East-West Corridor. But the major problem is that of stations with no or less parking facility at stations like Jalahalli, Hosahalli, Banashankari, and National College.

According to the chief public relations officer of BMRCL, Yashwanth Chavan they did not create a parking infrastructure during the design and implementation of Phase I due to high land prices. He accepted that there is a serious issue of lack of parking space at several stations. However, he was happy that some stations could offer parking infrastructure to the commuters. Chavan said, “We are happy to see many people park their cars and two-wheelers and travel by the method.”

Parking Space At Metro Stations

More People Will Use Metro If Enough Parking Facilities Are Created

V Ravichandar, an Urban motility expert believes that more motorist will switch to using shuttles if Namma manages to create enough parking infrastructure. He added, “Metro officials have lost an opportunity to create parking facilities in Phase I. Going underground on MG Road was one of the options. Parking infrastructure and intermodal connectivity should be an integral part of the station design.”

He also believes that the current demand for having parking infrastructure at the stations may not be a true demand. According to Ravichandar stations like Baiyappanahalli and Mysuru Road have a lot of parking space and hence attract a lot of vehicles. But he believes that it does not in any way indicate that the demand is less at stations without such a facility.

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