Paper About the Best Class You Have Ever Taken

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Everyone says teachers are heroes. They are the bridge for a student’s academic success. According to Rober Coe, et al. (2) great teaching helps improve student’s progress by using outcomes that matter to their future. This was supported by James Ko, et al (13) as he cited that the teacher’s effectiveness on teaching focuses on better student outcomes. A teacher should also create a learning environment for students to effectively learn and not just focus on the student outcomes.

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While other teachers focus on the outcomes, some universities failed to understand how the human brain works. They pushed the lessons for the students to understand. I sometimes encounter these when I was a student. This problem occurs when there’s a three-unit subject that meets once a week. What happened is that the student will have to accept heavy information in a three-hour lecture. But, the human brain capacity to accept new information only last less than an hour. Making a three-hour lecture means that the information from 2 hours and 30 minutes will be gone to waste. And then you need to spend even more time completing homework paper. But in this case, you should keep in mind this site for ordering papers.

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However, I had an integral calculus class before and I consider it the best. It was a one hour class, the professor considers student capacity to receive new information. By applying his knowledge on how the brain works, he fills the class with a 30-minute discussion and 30-minute conversation. The first half-hour, he teaches with ease and profound knowledge. His discussions are clear, and the student understands the lesson. The next half, he starts having jokes on Millennials getting crazy to movies, social media and in relationships. Then, he shares the life wisdom that he wants us to learn.

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Robert Coe, et al. (2) cited that there are six components of great teaching. These are Deep knowledge of subjects, Quality of instruction, Classroom Climate, Classroom management, Teacher beliefs, and Professionalism. A mix of these components in a perfect environment creates a great class. From this criterion, the integral calculus class has it all. A balanced mix that makes the class memorable and at the same time has a great teaching quality. Furthermore, the half-hour class break and conversation time were actually based on the Pomodoro technique. It was a way for us to focus and understand the subject.