Pantaloons India Reportedly Suspended 25 Employees For Singing National Anthem In Kolkata

Indian clothing giant Pantaloons is been accused of suspending 25 employees from its premises after they were seen singing the National anthem in Kolkata. Later on, the company denied such claims and stated that the reason for the suspension is reasonably different.

25 employees suspension over national anthem 

According to a report, staff from Pantaloons have been on a strike for the last six days at a Kolkata store demanding justice after 25 workers were purportedly suspended for singing the national anthem in the Pantaloons premises. Protesters have objected to the move and have raised complaints on the basic level.


The matter comes in when the entire country is split with two separate ideologies in the ongoing developments.

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West Bengal is a place where there has been a series of protests against the CAA and the NRC law. Along with the Chief Minister, several citizens are continuing the protest against the new law imposed by the central government. In this situation, a new debate is emerging over whether the Pantaloon’s staff are somewhere associated with some political parties or whether the Pantaloon authorities know the whole thing.

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Satya Kumar, a BJP leader, shared a video where he described the situation in Kolkata. He said, “25 Pantaloon activists have been suspended for singing the national anthem in Kolkata. They have been on strike for the past 6 days against the action. Is the Top Management aware of this situation or doing so at the behest of TMC? The national anthem is our pride, how can one be held back for that?”


Social media is boycotting things every week and this time it is Pantaloons that fell into its trap. Nevertheless, social media demanded a boycott on clothing giant and the trend spread like wildfire.



Pantaloon clarifies the event  

After these incidents, Pantaloons issued a statement refuting the claims and said the employees were suspended for a “gross act of indiscipline which is being investigated”.

We have taken some disciplinary steps due to a mixture of reasons varying from acts of violence in the appearance of customers, interruption of store operations, threatening female employees and abusing co-workers. The allegation against us regarding the suspension letter is completely false.

It has also stated about some misguided employees and external miscreants who were illegally occupying a section of the Camac street store despite prohibitory court orders.