Panchatantra On ZEE5: Here’s Why You Should Catch This One-Of-A-Kind Kannada Movie

Of late, the Kannada film industry has been witnessing a wave of change wherein masala scripts are making way for content-driven films. This has led to many intriguing stories and promising talent coming up in the industry. The reason for this chain of thoughts is Panchatantra. With its digital premiere taking place on ZEE5, we thought why not discuss the film and understand why one should watch this one-of-a-kind Kannada movie.

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Car Rally Racing – A novel theme in Kannada

As far as we can remember, no one in the industry has attempted to showcase this theme on the big screen. But that changed with Panchatantra as it introduced the backdrop on a massive scale. A major part of the movie focusses on a car race that was shot in Bengaluru and Mysuru. Those who have seen the film have been all praise of the cinematography for this massive sequence, which was done by Sugunan. We are sure you’ve seen nothing like this before in Kannada films.

panchatantra on zee 5

Yogaraj Bhat Excels, Yet Again

Back in 2006, Yogaraj Bhat helmed Mungaru Male that created a revolution in the Kannada film industry. Grossing more than Rs 70 crores at the box office and running more than a year in theatres, the movie made other film industries sit up and notice the spectacle created in Kannada. Since then, Yogaraj Bhat has become synonymous with story-driven films that feature fantastic music and performances. With Panchatantra, he proves again that he is at the top of his game. Also an excellent lyricist, we highly recommend you check out Shrungarada Honge Mara from the movie. The lyrics of the song are like honey to the ears.

Use of Allegory – The Hare and Tortoise Story

We have all grown up on this story. Infused with a strong message, it still resonates with us. Having discussed Yogaraj Bhat’s focus on content-driven cinema, Panchatantra attempts to follow that path by presenting a new twist to the age-old story. In the movie, Rangayana Raghu’s team is the tortoise and Vihaan Gowda’s team is the hare. But despite all the assumptions you might have about the plot, you need to watch the movie for the twists and surprises that pop in the story.


panchatantra on zee 5

The Cast – Experienced Actors and Fresh Faces

As the sub-heading suggests, Panchatantra brings together some of the best actors and fresh faces together, creating cinematic magic Yogaraj Bhat style. Often seen in comedic roles, the dramatic side that Rangayana Raghu shows is a revelation and a treat to watch. Another major revelation is the performance of debutant Vihaan Gowda who has a charming screen presence and serious acting chops. The leading ladies Akshara Gowda and Sonal Monterio are fantastic additions to not just Panchatantra but to Kannada cinema too.

With so many factors at play, Panchatantra is an exciting cinematic experience that one must not miss out on, especially since it is now releasing online on ZEE5. So, go ahead and check out Panchatantra online for a paisa-vasool entertainment package.