Palghar Lynching is A Well-planned Conspiracy Against One Sect

AN advocate in Mumbai has moved to the Bombay High Court seeking a probe on the Palghar lynching as he claims it to be a ‘well-planned conspiracy’ where three people were killed by a mob out who were on their way to a funeral in Gujarat.

The advocate, Aditya Mishra along with his counsel Akshay Malviya has moved to the top court of the state seeking a probe on the lynching by a judicial commission headed by a retired High Court Judge. The advocate has also sought monetary compensation to the relatives of the victims.


An angry mob in the Palghar district lynched 3 people in a horrific crime as the police team of six failed to protect the victims. The video of the heinous crime has been circulated widely on social media and has drawn flack on the mob culture and has raised questions on the Maharashtra Government. The three men were identified as Sushil Giri Maharaj (35), Nilesh Telgane (35), and Maharaj Kalpavrikshgiri (70). Out of the three, two were Sadhus. They were reportedly headed for a funeral in Surat. According to a few sources, the mob acted upon a rumor that suggested that three people were thieves who were taking advantage of the lockdown to loot the village. The mob that comprised of over 100 people including minors and all of them have been arrested.

A political conspiracy, the advocate claims

In his plea, Mishra has questioned the actions of the policeman who allegedly didn’t help the victims instead became the spectator of the incident. Mishra claims this to be a conspiracy. He said,

“It is not a sudden incident of killing, it is a conspiracy specifically against one sect, and the costume or the outfit of the victim would have caused people to kill them.”

Palghar lynching
Courtesy: Mumbai Mirror

In his plea, he further says that the horrific videos have shaken his conscience specifically because it happened despite the presence of police personnel. He, therefore, concludes that this is the act that was encouraged by the police and later projected it as a case of mistaken identity. The plea also demands an FIR against the cops who were at the incident and refused to save the victims. In the plea, Mishra also mentions that the relatives of the accused have threatened the sarpanch who is from the BJP which therefore makes it a political conspiracy.


Lastly, Mishra urges the Supreme Court to provide clear instructions to the Union Home Ministry in framing anti-lynching laws.


Source: Free Press Journal