Pakistan Downgrades Relations And Suspends Trade With India, Twitter Trolls Pakistan With #PKMKB

After Article 370 in the constitution got scrapped by the Modi government, Pakistan on other side has raised protest and demanded justice over Kashmir row. The neighbors have pledged to approach the United Nation Security Council for investigation. Pakistan has asked the Indian high commissioner to return from Islamabad and said it would not be sending any envoys to India as well. The Twitter is trolling Pakistan for this move, as its diplomatic and trade suspension will not affect India.

Pak suspends trade with India

The Imran Khan government has decided to downgrade diplomatic relations, suspends all bilateral trades with India after Jammu and Kashmir lose its special status. In a bold step, it appears that Pakistan’s decision to temporarily suspend trade ties will not have much impact on India. And this is because the trade between both the nations accounts only 0.31% of India’s total trade.


The suspension will not affect India

The trade between Pakistan and India had recorded up to $2.4 Billion in 2017-18. The neighbors currently export fruits, cement, chemicals, petroleum products, fertilizers, leather, and allied products. In return, India exports raw cotton, cotton yarn, chemicals, plastics, manmade yarn, and dyes. Pakistan’s trade percentage with India is only 3.2 of its global trade. In fact, the report also suggests that since 2014-15 trade percentage between both the nations has declined.

In reply to Pakistan’s trade suspension, India has asked its neighbor to reconsider its decision as this move could hit Pakistan and not India. And have also warned Pakistan to keep themselves away from their internal issues.

Twitter trolls Pakistan with #PKMKB