Pakistan Does Not Want Modi Government To Return. Here’s Why?

On Sunday, all the Exit Polls suggested that Modi will return as Prime Minister of India. Coming to what the exit polls say, it gives 320-365 seats to the BJP-led NDA. Meanwhile, the Congress-led UPA is expected to bag 77-110 seats. The SP-BSP-RLD combine might secure a victory on 10-16 seats, where others are likely to come on top in 59-79 seats, the exit poll said.

However, 2019 Lok Sabha Polls are not only being followed with great eagerness in India but also in Pakistan. Just months before, an extraordinary duel in the air above disputed Kashmir brought the two sides unthinkably close to war. As the results are going to be announced by tomorrow, that is 23rd of May, it is also being closely monitored by Pakistanis.


Islamabad is very much Keen on Results

The question of dealing with Pakistan has remained a major electoral issue in Indian politics. However, Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan had earlier said that he believes there may be a better chance of peace talks with India and settle the Kashmir issue if Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party BJP wins the general elections. In a current scenario, it is expected that immediately after the Indian election, Islamabad may reach out to New Delhi to begin a dialogue at some level.

Pakistans Voice over Modi’s return

Whatever may be the final outcomes, one thing is quite clear that Pakistan does not want PM Narendra Modi to return to power. Indeed it looks like, many Pakistani are voicing their opinion in social media about the return of BJP-led NDA government in the upcoming 2019 election result.

Lahore-based Shahi Alam told a Pakistani TV channel, “Modi should not come back to power; he is responsible for the surgical strike in Pakistan.”


A second man, Aijaz said, ‘I doubt Modi is coming back to power with a majority. I am sure they will not get a majority, which is good for Pakistan.”

A different voice was, however, heard abroad. Pakistani businessman Riaz, who lives in London, said, “The thoughts of people living in Pakistan are different from those living abroad. We believe that Modi should return to power again. This will work as a deterrent for terrorist organizations operating from Pakistan and will pressure the Pakistan government to end terrorism from our motherland.”

Relations Between the two nuclear-armed

Relations between Pakistan and India reached a crisis point in February after nearly 40 soldiers were killed in a suicide attack in J&K Pulwama. On being questioned about this brutal attack, Islamabad denied the responsibility of the attack, which was claimed by Pak terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed. The attack promoted Indian Air Force’s entry into Pakistan and bombing of the terrorist-training camps in Balakot to avenge Pulwama.


India had also earlier carried out surgical strikes on terrorist camps to retaliate after Uri attack, which has left the Pakistanis in a state of shock, no matter how much that country denies the two strikes officially.