Pak Student Slammed Imran Khan Govt For Not Evacuating Them From Coronavirus-Hit China

source: dawn

The terrible Coronavirus which is haunting China from the past months has so far declared over 300 deaths and 1,400 infected. After seeing Indian students being evacuated from Wuhan, Pakistani students who are studying at Wuhan University are begging their government to evacuate them from China. A video is going viral where a Pakistani student is heard lashing out at the Pakistani government that it was not bothered about its own citizens and have left them to die in the virus hit country.

Immediate evacuation

On Sunday, many Indian students were being taken away from Wuhan University providing them with immediate evacuation in the virus hit country. Students were boarded on a bus which later took them to the airport where they were airlifted.


Meanwhile, a Pakistani student, who was witnessing the evacuation process appeared to be disappointed and can be heard slamming the Pakistan government over its unwillingness to save them.

source: businesstoday

Shame on you Pakistan government

In a short video, a man presents himself as a Pakistani student, says that the bus was sent by the Indian Embassy to safely carry the Indian students stuck in Wuhan, China and take them to the airport from where they will be airlifted. Following, he said that the Pakistani government is not concerned about their well being.

At the end of the video, the man can be heard saying “shame on you Pakistan government… learn something from India, learn how they care about their citizens”.


After the video went viral on social media, netizens took to Twitter to support the Pakistani students stuck in China and requested governments of both the countries, India and Pakistan, to help them.