Pak PM Imran Khan’s Office Faces Power Cut Over Non-Payment Of Electricity Bills.

Pakistan will warn us with a pointless military war or a nuclear war but the country’s governance does not know to pay electricity bills on time. Scratching off your heads? Well, this incident is from Islamabad where it is reported that Imran Khan’s office has faced Power cut due to non-payment of bills.

Pak PM office forgest to pay the electricity bill

On a humiliating incident, the electricity supply to the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Secretariat was cut off over non-payment of bills. On Wednesday an official notice was released by The Islamabad Electric Supply Company. It is said that Pak PM’s Secretariat had a bill due of Rs 41 lakh of this month and Rs 35 lakh last month, which was supposed to be paid to the IESCO.



Despite giving back to back notices regarding the bill due, the office was ignoring the reminders. Hence the electricity authority decided to snap off the power supply with immediate effect. “This is a recurrent problem with the Secretariat. We will cut off the power supply as the dues are not yet paid,” an IESCO source said.

Powercut a major issue in the country 

Summers in Pakistan has seen worse power cuts cases, becoming one of the main sources of discontent in the South Asian nation, Neighbourhoods in-country had no electricity for almost 12 hours every day.

source: thenewyorktimes

Pakistan’s economy has never seen a rise since decades, despite all of these problems the country threatens to go on a war with India who is thrice as strong as Pakistan as compared to military power.