Pak escalating violence along border to hide its Covid-19 failures: PoK Activist

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An activist from Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) has alleged that Pakistan is violating a ceasefire along the border in recent days. The intention could be to divert the attention of the people from its incompetence in handling the COVID-19 issue.

Ceasefire causing problems to the locals

In a video, Amjad Ayub Mirza, the political activist has said that Pakistan is initiating a ceasefire violation unnecessarily along the border in the past few days. He also said that India is unavoidably responding to the reckless act of the Pakistanis.


According to the activist who is based out of Glasgow, this is causing problems to the locals, even the ones who come in the parts of Jammu that do not belong to the ceasefire line.

Revenge Against Pakistan

Pak could be doing this to hide their incompetency in handling COVID-19

The activist mentioned that this could be an act by the Government of Pakistan to hide their incompetency in handling the COVID-19 outbreak, which is also causing havoc in many other countries across the world.

He said that with the cases rising steeply every day, the Government is failing to find methods that could curb the outbreak. The country is facing a shortage of hospitals, while there has also been an acute drop in the required number of ventilators in the nation. There has also been a deficiency of PPE’s available to the doctors. To divert attention from all these topics, Pak is said to be upping the violence at the border.


Another angle to the activities

The activist also mentioned that the violation could be a plan to infiltrate militants across the Kashmir Valley into India amid the COVID-19 crisis in the country.