Pai Refreshments Near Anand Rao Circle Serves A Brilliant Khaali Dose and a Hearty Jowar Roti Meal

pai refreshments

How many times have you walked near Anand Rao circle? Maybe, for most of the people, this junction is better known as a bus boarding point and a hub for all kind of travels. In the surrounding area like Gandhi Nagar, Subedar chatram road, and this junction, you find so many age-old hotels which on a usual note are not highlighted among the big-league food points of the city. Today, we are talking about a hotel called Pai Refreshments located in a whimsical area of Gandhinagar, next to Anand Rao circle flyover. Come, let us know about Pai refreshment’s Jowar Roti Meal, Khaali Dosa and much more on today’s read.

pai refreshments

Khaali Dose Like Never Before

Today, we talk about Masala Dose, Set Dose, and Bath Dose but at one time, Khali Dose used to be a prime breakfast item in Bengaluru. On this day, it is quite unfortunate that not many hotels in the city have Khali Dose on their menu. Among such a few hotels, Pai refreshment is the one where you will get a brilliant Khali Dose. It has a history of not less than 20-25 years and till date, people visit Pai refreshments for awesome south-Indian delicacies.

pai refreshments

If we have to talk about Khaali Dose then it comes with Aloo Palya, Sambar, and Coconut Chutney. Spilled over with Ghee, it just melts in your mouth. For Dose lovers and foodies, this place is a must-visit. Food is Love and not everyone comes with a fortune of having the best food in the best place. So, don’t be an unfortunate soul to miss the grandiosity of Khaali dose from Pai refreshments.

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Khadak Jolad Rotti Oota

This is a bill-perfect place where you can have a relaxed meal (lunch or dinner). You should order a Jowar Rotti meal which includes 2 Rotti, Brinjal Curry (Ennegayi), Mixed pulse curry, a cup of curd, rice, sambar, rasam buckled with pickle and cucumber. If you are not so hungry then you can simply go for Rotti Curry or Rice Plate option.

anand rao circle
Image Credits – Ganesh Raj

Other Specialties: Poori Saagu and Akki Rotti

Life in Bengaluru is a commix where a typical day starts with a plate of Idli Vada with an Extra Sambaar coupled with Filter Kaapi; the city adds its intrinsic flavor to our daily run. If this is the heart of Bengaluru then as a wing and arm, this Shehar will make you feel home by serving the cuisines of your town.

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pai refreshments

So, when you are near Anand Rao circle, just opposite to the flyover, you find Sangeetha Lodge. Inside the lodge, you have Pai refreshments. Come here for Khaali Dose, Hearty Jowar rotti meal and Akki Rotti.

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