Paatal Lok In Kannada: Sandalwood Actors Who Could Have Fit The Roles Perfectly

Paatal Lok is one of the highly talked-about web-series in recent times. While at the start of its release, the principal discussion was about the captivating content and brilliant performances, in the last few weeks, controversies have taken over.

Nevertheless, as a piece of art, Paatal Lok sticks apart by a long way. While it will take some time for such content to be produced in Kannada, in the meantime, we can always imagine how Kannada actors could have essayed these characters.


On that note, in this article, we take the important characters of Paatal Lok and try and fit Sandalwood artistes in them. Let’s find out how the final output looks like.

Hathiram Chaudhary – Achyutha Kumar

A character who has faced the brunt of politics in his department, Hathiram Chaudhary’s desire and ideologies brought him very close to the audience. While Jaideep Ahlawat did a fantastic job, in Kannada, we cannot think of anyone else apart from Achyutha Kumar to don the role.

Sanjeev Mehra – Prakash Raj

A subtle characterization which becomes bold in front of the camera, Prakash Raj is an apt fit for the role essayed by Neeraj Kabi.


Vishal/Hathoda Tyagi – Dhananjaya

Well, this picture alone must justify why ‘Daali’ Dhananjaya fits the role of Hathoda Tyagi. The steely gaze which could terrify people, ‘Daali’ has it and can pull off the role comfortably

Imran Ansari – Diganth

Diganth is the flag-bearer of the ‘chocolate boy’ looks in the industry, and hence, he is our pick to play the role of Imran Ansari. It is also high time that Diganth gets a role that can exploit his talent to the fullest.

Dolly Mehra – Priyanka Upendra

It is only in the final episode that we realize how important this role is in the scheme of things. Priyanka Upendra fits the role an ‘anxious’ wife who resorts to ‘Savithri’ to cure herself.


Sara Matthews – Shraddha Srinath

A fire-brand journalist who is absolutely clear about her thoughts, a young, dynamic and bold actress is required in this role. We feel Shraddha ticks all the boxes for this wonderfully-written character.

Gwala Gujjar – Sharath Lohitashwa

Gwala Gujjar is also an important character in the story, although the screen-time is limited. Sharath Lohitashwa is made for such roles, and hence, he makes the cut.

Renu Chaudhary – Sudharani

A protective mother and a caring wife, Sudharani is somehow very apt to the role of Renu Chaudhary. Moreover, as a combination, the Achyuth-Sudharani combo has already done well in the past.