Over The Last 8 Days During Onam, Kerala Spent Nearly ₹500 Crore On Alcohol Breaking All Records

source: thehindu

Any festival is incomplete without celebrations. But this is record-breaking. The latest festive occasion which was seen in the form of Onam recorded the highest number of sales in liquor in Kerala. During the 8 days, the state bought Alcohol for almost Rs 500 crore which is just insane.

Mind-boggling stats of sale in Liquor 

According to the Kerala State Beverages Corporation (Bevco), it shows data where the total sale of liquor and beer reached at Rs 516 crore within the period beginning from Independence day to Onam. However, in just eight days leading up to the main day of Onam on September 11, alcohol worth Rs 487 crore was sold across the state.

source: thehindu

However, this is not the first time the state recorded with these big numbers. In the previous year, liquor sales had touched Rs 457 crores in the state. Alcohol worth Rs 90.32 crores were sold just on the eve of Onam on September 10 last year, perhaps because the following day was an official holiday for the retail outlets.

Highest Alcohol consuming state 

The state produces the highest per capita consumption of alcohol in the country. Despite having high taxes imposed on them, the sale of liquor has continued to develop records every year. Officials have also reported that people had more preference for cheap Indian made brandy and rum. Costlier brands and foreign liquor also saw good sales in the state.

source: newindiaexpress

Kerala has 300 retail liquor outlets in which the town of Iringalakuda in Thrissur district stood first in liquor sales across the state, registering sales of Rs 1.44 crores on September 10. The major festivals in the region like Onam, Vishu, Christmas and New Year always record the highest sales of liquor in the country.



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