Outrage Continues Against A Stand-Up Comedian Agrima Joshua; MNS Workers Vandalise Her Studio

The stand-up gig where Agrima Joshua joked upon the impending Shivaji Maharaj statue on the Arabian Sea has irked the citizens of Maharashtra. The issue has been taking decisive turns in the last few hours.

Maharashtra HM confirms legal action

On Saturday, upon requests from many citizens, Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has confirmed that legal action would be taken against comedian Agrima Joshua for her comments on Shivaji Maharaj. Earlier, a Shiv Sena MLA had also demanded the arrest of the comedian.


In the video that was out last year, the comedian said that on Quora, someone had written that the Shivaji Maharaj Statue would ‘power’ all of Maharashtra. She also joked that the statue will kill terrorists who appear on the Arabian Sea.

MNS workers vandalized the studio where the gig was shot, and following this, Agrima issued a statement of apology on her twitter handle. She said that she is deeply regretful of her actions and also confirmed that the video was taken down.

Netizens in ire over the issue

Twitter was yet again left angry and frustrated at the video by Agrima Joshua. Many felt that talking about the legendary figure of Maharashtrian history was not required, and demanded strict action such that similar events do not repeat. Here are a few tweets that were posted in this regard:


Source: Free Press Journal