Oscars 2020: This South Korean Movie Titled Creates History And This Is Why It Deserves It


Parasite is just one of those movies that happen to you. You buy a ticket and you watch it but it stays with you; when you’re back home, when you’re in the washroom brushing your teeth and when you’re in the metro going to work– it clings to you, reminding you of exactly what it talked about. It talked about the stark social and economic divide that is so very prevalent in the world today but more so in South Korea which also tends to reflect in other South-East Asian countries alike.

For starters, Parasite is directed by the legendary Bong Joon Ho who is one of the most prolific directors in the world right now. He’s made movies like The Host, Snowpiercer, and Memoirs of a Murder. Most of his films are showcased in international film festivals and he’s known for his subtle dark humor which turns into the deeply unsettling reality we are probably living in right now, giving the viewers a curt taste of life. He’s a magician and rightly so.

Apart from Parasite’s impeccable cast which has stars like Song Kang Ho and Lee Jung Eun who are one of the most famous and sought after stars in South Korea, the movie also comes across as something people would relate to and then get scared thinking, “I relate to THIS?”


That is how it makes you think. A movie that depicts social and economic disparity so beautifully deserves all the awards under the sun. The rich aren’t your typical “Bring me Gucci” rich and the poor aren’t your classic righteous lot. The movie marvels at you by showing you the good, the bad and the ugly of all classes and tells you how immediate the threat of this divide is. The twists and the plot points of the movie are gripping and does not seem to leave you for days. No one is the bad guy in this movie and you cannot choose the hero. There’s a bit of grey everywhere in this black and white saga. But even with all that serious shebang, there’s plenty to enjoy and laugh at. The only villain in this movie is the system it so powerfully depicts.

Isn’t that the whole point of art and cinema? To stay with you, to come up every now and then as you sit and wonder?

Another reason why parasite’s winning all the awards is important is because of representation. The Academy is known for being biased towards the “white man” but to come out and award this to a South Korean director for a South Korean movie is a landmark and paves way for every international movie that will be made across the world.
Parasite has won 4 Oscars this year– Best Picture, Best Director, Best Org Screenplay and Best International Film. Apart from that, it won the Palme d’Or, BAFTA and Golden Globes for several categories. A masterpiece that will live on for decades.



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