Open Office Culture – Helpful or Dangerous for Productivity?

Open office culture

Open office culture is meant to be transparent and open where the employers can keep a watch on their employees easily. The open office helps in getting the job done quickly and efficiently. This culture is mostly preferred by the employers but the employees frown as their privacy is hindered.

Positive side of having Open Office Culture

Reduce Cost


Open office culture saves a lot of space; reduce the real estate cost, which helps in recruiting more staff. Also, these days the companies believe in team work so the requirement for private cabins is minimized.

Easy watch for the employer

When all the employees are sitting under one roof, shoulder to shoulder on an open space, it becomes easy for the employer or the manager to keep a check on everyone. This enhances the productivity by eliminating wastage of time.


Better and easy communication

Open office culture helps the employees to interact and communicate easily. There is room for brainstorming sessions which helps in developing good ideas. All the staff members are accessible, the laid back attitude is eliminated, and there is more of innovation & creativity around.

Low priced Maintenance


No partitions, no chambers or private rooms help in better utilization of the place. The layout of the office along with its maintenance can be done with less expense.

Negative side of having Open Office Culture

Limited privacy

In an open office culture, it’s difficult to keep things in private and confidential because everyone is around and can easily see & hear the conversations. To maintain secrecy lot of efforts have to be made, especially by the top executives.


Noise Pollution

Working with 50 – 60 people under the same roof, where communication and interaction are taking place will surely lead to a lot of noise. Mail or message beeps, asking for a charger, when there is a meeting going on in some corner, or sales call, all can be disturbing.

Environmental control

In an open office culture, a lot of employees sit and work together so one cannot adjust the air condition temperature or the lightening, as per their needs and preference. At some point, something or the other has to be compromised.


Pros/cons mentioned here could be few, as there are many with every aspect. Drop your thoughts/comments below on what you think about having a flat open office culture across the company.