“Only the Congress Prince is unemployed”: Tejasvi Surya takes a dig at Rahul Gandhi

In response to Rahul Gandhi’s fiery speech in the Budget session of the Parliament, Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya has taken a dig at him. He has gone on to say, that Rahul Gandhi, whom he refers to the Congress Prince is the only person unemployed.

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Rahul Gandhi asserted in the Parliament that the unemployment in the country is on a high. To this Surya has said the Congress leader’s claim was completely baseless and that there are enough opportunities for the talented and hardworking. Taking a dig at Rahul, he said the “only unemployed person is the prince of Congress party”.


Days after Rahul spoke of two Indias, one of the extremely rich and the other of the poor, Surya said the two Indias are actually India before Modi and India after Modi.

“Before Modi there was double-digit inflation. Now we have single-digit inflation. Before the size of India’s GDP was Rs 110 lakh crore. After Modi, the size of the GDP is Rs 230 lakh crore. Before Modi, India’s exports were Rs 2.85 lakh crore. After Modi, it is Rs 4.7 lakh crore,” Surya said in the session of the Parliament.

The MP from Bengaluru south added that, if the GDP has increased multiple times, if FDI has increased multiple times, if the number of unicorns have increased multiple times, how can there be no employment generation. The Congress party and their dynastic leaders are confusing their political unemployment as unemployment in the country. The hardworking and talented people have all the opportunities. The only unemployed person is the prince of the Congress party.


According to Surya, the country witnessed an economic miracle in the past seven years under the leadership of Narendra Modi. “The progress and the pace of reforms is unprecedented. The 1991 reforms are talked about often. But the 1991 Budget was out of compulsion, not conviction,” he said.

Post this Supriya Sule was seen countering his speech as well.

Source – Indian Express