10 Things that Happen Only in Bengaluru BMTC Buses and you can’t deny to relate them

Bengaluru BMTC Buses

BMTC, the road roller of Bengaluru has not only made transport easy in the city but has also become a part of the bustling city life. Today, we talk about Metro however that conventional feel of traveling in Bengaluru BMTC buses has different stories attached to it. There are memories, struggle, talks, waiting times – Bengaluru BMTC is indeed a feeling. Its been close to 20 years now, we are traveling in BMTC buses and in the transit, we have observed few things that we can relate mutually. So, here we are with the ‘things’ that happen in Bengaluru BMTC buses.

#1 You are lucky and blessed if you have received your change from the Bus Conductor

Bengaluru BMTC Buses

Or do we forget to ask for the change?

#2 Am I the only person who doesn’t get a Seat, every time?

Bengaluru BMTC Buses

That weird feeling when a person gets up to take something from his pocket and I jump to grab the seat.

#3 You often see Conductor saying, ‘Olagade Hogi.’

Bengaluru BMTC Buses

A humble request indeed.

#4 You see people standing and leaning on your Seat

Bengaluru BMTC Buses

On a contrary, we also do the same when standing.

#5 Ticket Vs Cheeti

Things that happen in BMTC

It happens only in BMTC buses.

#6 Seats reserved for Senior Citizen

Bengaluru BMTC Buses

When the bus is empty, never and ever go and sit in a seat reserved for Senior Citizens. You may have to end up losing your seat.

#7 People standing in Door

Bengaluru BMTC Buses

Do not try this. This is a stunt performed either by Professionals or under the supervision of Professionals.

#8 People Showing their Passes

Bengaluru BMTC Buses

Also, there are people who simply say, ‘Pass’.

#9 You see different types of Conductors in BMTC

Bengaluru BMTC Buses

Soft-spoken, Arrogant, Lazy, Loudmouth, Funny, and more.

#10 BMTC is not just a Bus for us

Bengaluru BMTC buses

It is a library, disco club, and a mini home as we spend most of our time in Bus, right?

Thanks to BMTC for everything. That’s it. With all the love for Namma BMTC. If you have anything to add then please let us know in the comments below. Do like us on our Facebook Page for more stories.

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