Top 10 Best refrigerator brands in India (Updated 2019)

best refrigerator brands

Every household prefers to have the best refrigerator brands because it helps people to increase food storage capacity in fresh conditions. There is a lot of competition in the market to produce quality refrigerators at affordable costs. It is essential to understand the features of the product because it helps them to choose the fridge from best refrigerator brands.

Brands play a vital role while buying because it helps in maintaining the appliance for a long time. Most of the brands offer additional benefits because it helps them to capture the market adequately. It is essential to choose the product from a reputed brand because of performance and durability issues.

Different Types of Refrigerator

Single door refrigerators

Single door refrigerator is the most common option because of various reasons. Most of the middle-class households prefer to go with separate door refrigerators because of cost-effective reasons. Single door fridges offer fewer features compared to other, other models because of obvious reasons. The freezer is set inside the fridge without a separate compartment to adjust the space availability.

Double door refrigerators

Double door refrigerators are enough for ordinary households because of features. As double door fridges provide enough space, it is evident that people prefer to buy bottom mounted products. The modern-day refrigerators come with advanced technology options because it helps them to capture the market quickly.

Triple Door refrigerator

Triple door french door refrigerators come with the similar amount of space like double door refrigerators with three compartments. The separate compartments allow people to store food items based on the necessity. The advanced technology bottom freezer refrigerators provide an easy way to adjust the condition quickly.

Side by side refrigerator

Side by side refrigerators is the innovation. The new technology helps people to save space and enjoy better features. It is essential for the user to understand features because it helps them to pick based on the necessity. Side by side refrigerators are expensive, but it offers a lot of options to use effectively.


Most of the brands produce mini refrigerators because it has a lot of demand in the market. Most of the consumers prefer to carry refrigerators while traveling to enjoy fresh food. Mini fridges is a convenient option because it is compact to move and use effectively.

Benefits of choosing the right brand refrigerator


Durability is one of the critical aspects to consider because it helps in saving money from time to time. Most of the brands prefer to offer quality refrigerators because it helps them to capture the market quickly. Long-life lockers are generally expensive because it comes with genuine and quality spares and accessories.

Quality top mount refrigerator

The equipment quality play a vital role because it helps in functionalities. The brands prefer to offer products with quality because it helps them to gain reputation. The quality of the product is a direct result of spares and accessories, and it is essential for people to pick the right product with the help of genuine reviews and feedback offered by previous customers effectively.


Customer support is one of the necessary parameters to consider because it helps in finding quick solutions. Most of the reputed brands provide support options in multiple platforms because it helps in fixing both minor and major issues effectively.

Top 10 Best refrigerator brands in India

Sl No Brands To Buy
1 Bosch Click here to Buy
2 Samsung Click here to Buy
3 LG Click here to buy
4 Whirlpool Click here to buy
5 Godrej Click here to buy
6 Haier Click here to buy
7 Videocon Click here to buy
8 Siemens Click here to buy
9 Panasonic Click here to buy
10 Electrolux Click here to buy

Top 10 Best refrigerator brands in India


Bosch is a favourite brand, which gained a lot of market value because of various reasons. The company introduced a lot of home appliances in a quick time. As the brand comes with a lot of reputation across the world, it is evident that they produce quality products.

The brand originates from Germany, which is known as the land of engineering. The advanced technology techniques provide an easy option to manufacture quality goods at reasonable costs. Bosch offers a variety of refrigerators to satisfy customers in different segments in a practical way.

best refrigerator in india 2018

Features of Bosch Refrigerators

It is safe to say that the refrigerator gives you plenty of storage room for a common refrigerator. The price is also very competitive and this has driven me to do thorough research on my Bosch refrigerator review, on how a fridge performs in real life. If you are confused about picking the right fridge, I urge you to read the following refrigerator review.

Bosch has a large fridge compartment of 4.3 cubic ft. along with a freezer compartment. As opposed to most freezers on mini fridges, this one actually has a decent quality and keeps food frozen only in the freezer department. I found that users are generally very pleased with the overall performance of the cooling and freezing of food and beverages.


Samsung is one of the qualities of home appliances manufacturers in the country. The brand is in the market for a long time now to understand consumers requirement in actual. Most of the refrigerators offered by Samsung comes with both durability and quality to suit customers necessity.

It is essential for people to check for the right kind of product because it helps them to enjoy efficiency. Samsung offers both a single door and multi-door type of refrigerators because it helps the buyer to pick the product based on the budget and the requirement in a practical way.

best double door refrigerator in india 2018

Features of Samsung refrigerators

Samsung offers some of the useful budget refrigerators. Samsung specializes in these appliances that are slightly different sizes like this apartment size and for all kinds of uses. It has a capacity of over 12 cubic feet so you’ll get plenty of items in there. The brand is approved refrigerator is widely used for medical storage and 4 adjustable wire shelves help you organize the contents.

The Doors are reversible for left or right-hand swing opening and Two doors make upper and lower levels accessible individually. Samsung turned out to be a trustable brand in the Indian Market because it offers quality customer support and service options.

Samsung is a favorite Indian brand for a long time now because of continuous performance-oriented products. It is highly recommended for people to check for the right set of options available in the product because it helps in offering longer life effectively.


LG focussed on innovation to offer better products at a low cost. The brand provides a high value oriented refrigerators because it plays a vital role for people to use regularly. The double door bottom refrigerator offers a lot of benefits because of the accurate top freezer refrigerators placement.

A lot of innovative products helped them to capture the market in a quick time. It is essential for people to understand the durability factors because it plays a vital role in maintaining the product for a long span of refrigerator brand in india 2018

Features of LG Refrigerators

LG has been making appliances for around 20 years. They specialize in making appliances that are of a different size than standard and are used for all kinds of applications not necessarily in the home. Their appliances can be found in offices, apartments, medical laboratories, hotels and more. They make quality and good value appliances and this is true of the refrigerator.

As they produce budget refrigerators the features it comes with are few but if you want it to do the job of keeping things reliably chilled it works fine. There are usually 4 adjustable wire shelves which as you can see in the showroom or online will enable it to hold all kinds of sizes of items inside. The thermostat is completely adjustable so you can select the temperature you want your items to be stored at.


Whirlpool is one of the oldest players in the home appliances sector. There are plenty of products being produced on a daily basis to satisfy consumers requirement. It is essential to check and compare features before buying to choose without compromising on features.

The extra large freezer in the machine allows people to store a lot more products easily. Whirlpool is famous for energy efficient features with the help of in-built inverters. As refrigerators offer an effective way to control, it is easier for people to use based on the necessity.

best single door refrigerator in india 2018Features of Whirlpool Refrigerators

As we’ve mentioned above this refrigerator is widely used for medical storage. Being 12 cubic feet you’ll get plenty in there and it requires little maintenance as you’d expect in a refrigerator. There is no door storage so all your items will go in the cabinet which is useful if you have items that could spill as this can happen if you have liquid items stored in the door. Overall for a good budget refrigerator, you can’t go wrong with the refrigerator

Whirlpool is a quality refrigerator manufacturer brand. It’s made by Whirlpool who is one of the most reliable brand manufacturers of domestic appliances. They generally produce a large 17.7 cubic feet so you’ll get plenty of food items in there.

All shelving is adjustable so you can organize the refrigerator as you wish. The Leveling legs and rollers make transportation easy because of Gallon door storage shelf for milk and bottles. Energy star rated is good for the planet and your electric bills.


The brand has a lot of experience dealing with Indian customers because of obvious reasons. Most of people prefer to buy because Godrej is the first to introduce affordable refrigerators in India. The brand evolved with technology by adding a lot of features and options to satisfy customers effectively.

Some of the innovations from Godrej includes Cool shower technology, poly bag suspenders in the freezer area and so on. The changes play a vital role because it helps people to enjoy additional features for a long time. The Godrej offers a full list of refrigerators, which helps in saving a lot of money because of in-built inverters.

best side by side refrigerator in india 2018Features of Godrej Refrigerators

Godrej has been making domestic appliances for close to fifty years. They’ve grown to become a worldwide company and one that makes the most appliances year on year. They’re proud of their slogan and try to instil that philosophy in their appliances. The Godrej refrigerator is part of the Sidekicks range of quality refrigerators.

As you open the door you’re greeted by the light which will light up your food items in the dark. The adjustable shelving runs throughout the cabinet and the number 5. These are made of glass and are spill safe in case you spill anything on them then there’s no mess. At the bottom are the crisper drawers. These are humidity controlled for loose vegetables and fruit.


Haier is a wise company in the market because they believe in offering products depending on the actual worth. It is evident that Haier attracted a lot of people because of the revolutionary bottom mount refrigerators. The innovation gained a lot of value in the market and provided a natural source to buy at reasonable costs.

The brand offers more than 6500 outlets to support customers all the time. Effective customer support options help people to fix any major and minor issues without affecting the quality. Haier is responsible for introducing one-hour cooling technology, which allows both residential and commercial customers to find quick results on a regular basis.

best brand refrigerator in india 2018Features of Haier Refrigerators

The door has storage with 7 adjustable door bins. Most of these are half-width and have a dairy center and a clear deli drawer in between. The bottom door bin as you can see in the picture below is full width and can take a gallon of milk and other tall bottles. The energy star rating means your electric bills shouldn’t be high. Overall Haier produces an impressive refrigerator that should be of value in your kitchen.

Haier refrigerator is a feature-packed quality all-refrigerator. It’s made by quality engineering who is one of the biggest appliance manufacturers worldwide. It has a large capacity of 18.6 cubic feet so you’ll get plenty of food keeping fresh in there.

Designer LED lighting so you can clearly see your food whatever shelf it’s on and Smooth glide crisper drawers with adjustable humidity control. The Electronic control door lock for added security and Digital temperature control system for precise settings control.


Videocon is one of the local brands after Godrej to gain a lot of audiences. The brand has released a lot of refrigerators in both single and multi-door segments. The latest refrigerators from Videocon are coming with inbuilt inverters to avoid extra cost for the consumer to bear.

Elegance is one of the crucial aspects to consider because it improves the appearance of the room. The latest additions of Videocon is designed to suit every interior and the color to attract people quickly. The titanium luxury refrigerator in bright red is a hot pick in the market because it looks fabulous in the kitchen without affecting the quality and features.

best refrigerator under 15000 in india 2018Features of Videocon Refrigerator

Videocon is a big company in India which was where they first started selling domestic appliances. They built their reputation and have now done the same in other countries. They’ve grown to become one of the most trusted brands in the world. With a videocon appliance, they like to make sure you’re getting something of quality. This is true of the videocon refrigerators which is part of the rated ICON professional range.

With the temperature control being digital you can easily control the settings and have them be reliable too. When you open the cabinet door you’re greeted by the theater LED lighting which illuminates your food along with the rest of the cabinet. There are 3 custom glass shelves on which to organize your food. An air filter means any bad odors is removed and you have fresh air circulating around your food.


It is essential to explore new brands because they ensure to offer quality products to attract the market. Siemens focuses on providing new technology features because it helps them to generate a lot of customer base quickly.

Siemens comes with innovative, fresh systems because it enables users to store food products for a long time. The durably built refrigerators are the top favorites because it saves money by avoiding extra investment over some time.

best refrigerator in india 2018Features of Siemens Refrigerator

The door has storage too with an adjustable dairy center. There is a door bin that can hold a gallon of milk and tall bottles if necessary. The design of the motor to power the refrigerator is a quiet design so it doesn’t flood the kitchen with noise. An alarm sounds if the temperature rises, if the door is left ajar or if there’s a power failure. All this makes the videocon an impressive refrigerator that should provide years of use.

Videocon offers a feature-packed luxury all-refrigerator. It’s made by reputed engineering team so you no you’re getting something of quality from a brand you can trust. The general capacity is 18.6 cubic feet so you’ll get plenty of food in there which will keep fresh and tasty.

Designer LED lighting makes your food items clearly visible and Air filter keeps fresh air circulated preventing odor transfer. Easy to organize food with luxury glide drawers and hence, Energy star rated is good for the planet and your electric bills.


Panasonic offers a wide range of refrigerators because it helps them to capture the audience. It is highly suggested for consumers to compare features and options because it helps them to choose the perfect product. Panasonic offers single door, double door, frost free and side by side door refrigerators because it helps them to capture the audience in every price segment easily.

The glass shelves in the refrigerator are strong enough to hold heavy objects naturally. It is evident that people prefer to buy Panasonic refrigerators because of support and durability options. The product has a tremendous amount of influence on Japanese technology, which plays a vital role to enjoy advanced features.

best double door refrigerator in india 2018Features of Panasonic Refrigerators

Panasonic is a quality brand, which has been producing some of the finest products for a long time now. It is highly recommended for people to check for an ideal model, which is suitable for the purpose effectively. Most of the people prefer using quality products because it plays a vital role in terms of durability and performance.

Panasonic has a reputation for manufacturing quality televisions, which helps poeple to enjoy the technology. It is a known fact that reputed brands in the market have rich experience in building various home and major appliances for a long time.


Electrolux is in the race of producing quality products to survive the market. The innovative feature of intense cooling gives a lot of value for consumers to use from time to time. The intelligent cooling element provides multiple benefits for both residential and commercial consumers because it helps users to save a lot of time on a regular basis.

Electrolux may not be a reputed refrigerator producer but offers necessary features to satisfy consumers. The triple door refrigerators are one of the hot picks because it provides both features and durability. The cost-effective fridge attracts a lot of customers because it helps them to save money without effectively compromising on features.

best double door refrigerator in india 2018Features of Electrolux Refrigerators

There are more than a couple of brands available in the market. It is highly essential for people to check for features in the product because it helps in buying the right product quickly. Electrolux is a popular brand, which gained a lot of attention in the market because of durability reasons.

As most of the people in India prefer to buy durable appliances, it is necessary for brands to focus on building quality spares to enjoy the functionality for a long time.

It is a known fact that every consumer prefers to buy products without compromising on both performance and durability. The brand focuses on the target and ensures to produce quality appliances in an easy way. Storage options and space availability is one of the primary concerns for most of the customers because it helps them to take maximum mileage of the product effectively.


Choosing a refrigerator is a challenging option because there are plenty of brands available in the market. It is essential for every consumer to understand the features before buying to enjoy the product quality. The brands mentioned above are safe to buy because they have a lot of brand value and support options.

It is essential for you to check for the right set of options in the product to evaluate the necessity. Most of the current generation people prefer to go with slightly expensive products with a lot of features because it helps them to use for a long time without affecting the quality from time to time.




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