Is it safe to buy TV online in India? Follow tips to avoid Fraud

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With people growing more accepting towards online shopping of all kinds of goods in India, some people are still skeptic when it comes to buying large electronics and appliances online. However, there is nothing to fear if you are a little careful before placing your order to buy TV online. We made a list of some useful tips that you can follow to safeguard yourself from cheaters and frauds.

1. Use reputed websites

Using websites like Flipkart and Amazon to buy TV online can significantly minimise the risks involved. They offer money back guarantees and great service. So even if you happen to face a glitch, they will come to the rescue. Using a website which isn’t well known to buy TV online can have sellers which can’t be trusted with huge amount of money.

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2. Use official or verified sellers

In India, websites like Amazon and Flipkart provide a market place for other sellers. But, not all sellers on these websites are equal. Some of them are almost like official sellers, even though they are not actually Amazon or Flipkart.

For Amazon, CloudTail is the largest seller. For Flipkart, it’s WS Retail. TVs bought from these sellers is safe. They also offer better return policies when compared to other sellers.

3. Check Seller Ratings

Before hitting the Buy Now button, check out the ratings and reviews of the seller. Make sure that the seller has received positive response from the buyers. Ideally, you should buy from a seller who has done lots of transactions, about 50 or more, and has a rating of more than 90% or four stars. A good rating means the seller is efficient and is doing business in a professional and serious way.

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4. Buy TV online that is already in the warehouse

Amazon and Flipkart have warehouses where they store products, including those sold by third-party sellers. If you buy TV online which is already in their warehouse, the shipping and handling is processed by the e-commerce, instead of the seller. On Amazon, these products have a tag called Amazon Fulfilled, while on Flipkart, it’s called Flipkart Assured. This can be a safe option when buying from sellers that are not official.

5. Avoid “Too Good to be True” Deals

This tip is one that should always be followed. Sale is all great but if the rates of a TV are unbelievably low, sold by an unofficial seller, then there could be a catch. It’s always better to be careful than sorry. Trust such deals only when they are coming from reliable or official sellers.

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Following these tips can make your shopping experience pleasant and hassle-free. To buy TV online is not an intimidating task anymore.

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