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Panasonic best smart tv in india under 35000

There are plenty of television brands in India with advanced Smart TV features. If you want to buy a television, you will be confused because most of the features are introduced recently. We offer genuine and true information about the best LED TV in India under 35000 will act as a good guide.

Agreed, there are an entire set of articles on the internet defining the type of tv model you have to buy for the house, bedroom, living room etc. When it comes to buying one on the internet, you can make the best choice because there will be no executives that may tell unwanted information to make you chose the wrong one.

Why Smart TV price is more compared to standard or normal TV?

Have you changed from one bedroom house to a larger house? Have you changed your city to metropolitan and want to buy a new tv model? Did you get a new appraisal on account of your work performance, and want to buy a new tv brand? You have come to the right place. This article is for you.

Smart TV under 35000 offers an abundant amount of features, which can be utilized for a long time. It is easier for people to connect a mobile phone, DVD player and play station with the help of convenient ports. The smart TVs are generally higher in price because it offers additional benefits without compromising the quality.

How to Finalise the Best TV in India with Smart Features?

If you want to buy a new television set, first decide with your family members about the requirement. The accurate requirement helps you choose the right size of the model to fit the space.

Do not regret the size, once you have bought the brand. There are no rules of the size, the only factor is that your personal preferences and home decor should take prominence. The main goal is to get the comfortable, best view experience.

What are the common Smart TV features?

  • App Store
  • Content transfer options
  • Games and Apps

App Store

Application store on the TV attracts a lot of individuals because it helps consumers to take maximum mileage. The TV App store is available for free of cost, which can be used to download both games and apps.

Most of the Brands prefer to offer in-built app store because it allows users to save time effectively. The App store is built with the necessary options to enhance the features and convenience for the user.

Content transfer options

It is evident that the user demands a comfortable way of accessing content from multiple devices from time to time. The Smart TV ensures to offer various ways to transfer content from any of the external devices to the TV.

The modern technology applications enable users to transfer video and audio files with the help of Bluetooth feature quickly. The content transfer is made it easy because it helps the consumer to enhance the convenience effectively.

What is a Smart TV?

In recent times, television has become an integral part of Indian culture. There are many factors why you depend on television – news, education, weather, culture, sports and music.

The Smart TV provides an easy interface for users to access multiple contents at the same time. The usage of applications plays a vital role because it directly results in convenience and comfortable way of leading life.

Best Smart Tv In India Under 35000 | Metrosaga

1. Samsung 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV UA32M4300 (Black) (2017 model)

It has a very good screen. It has very good acoustic features.

The company was found in Korea in the year 1969. At present, it is regarded as one of the global leaders in information technology. Samsung has 200 branches throughout the world.

Some of the company’s famous products are computer monitors, washing machines, television brands, air conditioners and also in mobiles (tablets and smartphones). Another important category where Samsung makes a mark is in providing important electronic parts such as non-memory semi-conductors and DRAM.

The products of Samsung are always based on making people’s lives convenient for its customers. Samsung India has many awards in its kitty for product innovations and taking many employee-friendly schemes in the corporate sector.

2. TCL 101.6 cm (40 inches) 40S62FS FULL HD SMART LED TV (BLACK)

The full form of TCL is Telephone Communication Limited and its headquarters are located in Guangdong Province, China.

The brand name is synonymous with its popularity. The mentioned tv is an Android model. It has numerous ports, but the important feature is Bluetooth connectivity. The biggest advantage of this brand model is that it can support a whole set of apps for your every requirement. However, this tv is only sold via Amazon in India. One of the largest models in the market.

This company was started in 1981 and always focused on online application services and manufacture of smart products. The products include washing machines, smart health appliances, LCD panels, mobile phones, refrigerators, television and telephones.

3. Panasonic 80.1 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV TH-32ES48DX (Black) (2017 model)

One of the television sets to be around the market for a long time. Has made a name as a dependable model. Although not an android tv, it has apps such as Netflix and Youtube. The software is automatically updated with the latest version.

Panasonic has selected India as one of the regions to build a loyal customer based in Asia, the Middle East and Western Economies. The commitment for ‘Panasonic’ is to ensure a better life and world for the global customers. The company was started in 1918, the company focuses on consumer electronic products to housing, building products and industrial devices.

4. Sony 80.1 cm (32 inches) Bravia Full HD Smart LED TV KLV-32W672F (Black) (2018 Model)

If you want a tv that can give you more returns on best investment, then it is Sony Bravia KLV-32R562C. It can give a thrilling experience with its excellent design. The model is compatible with the recent HDR movies.

BRAVIA is one of the subsidiaries of Sony Corporation. The full form of this device is Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture. It was from 2015 that Sony introduced the first type of Android television models. You can directly access content from Netflix, Youtube as well Hulu and install games, apps from Google Play Store.

5. LG 81.3 cm (32 inches) 32LK628BPTF HD Ready LED Smart TV (Black)

Famous for its wide quantity of electronic products, the television wing of this brand has gained major popularity because of its great technology. LG Electronics is an electronics company which has its headquarters at South Korea. There are four business units such as Vehicle Components, Home Appliance & Air Solution, Mobile Communications and Home Entertainment.

The LG Electronics first type of Internet TV was launched in 2007, but later it was renamed as LG Smart TV.

In recent times, any television model is regarded as the best electronic device for news, recent information and entertainment. In any Indian household, a television brand and model defines their status. If you have a television model with more than 32-inch size, you are assured a position in the elite category.

TV programmes can be assumed as one of the best aspects that can bring a family together to watch regularly

6. Micromax 101.6 cm (40 inches) Canvas S-40 Full HD LED Smart TV (Black)

Micromax is a big player in the current market because they are engaged in producing multiple products. It is important to check and compare options because it plays a vital role to evaluate the product effectively.

Most of the people prefer to go with Micromax brand in India because of various reasons. The price factor and features attract a lot of people therefore, it is necessary to explore before buying a product.

7. Samsung 80 cm (32 inches) 4 Series 32N4300 HD Ready LED Smart TV (Black)

The highly popular brand allows people to choose from a list of products because of the heavy manufacturing process. Samsung has a list of products in every segment because it helps them to capture the maximum amount of market efficiency.

The 32inch Television with Smart TV features offers long life to gain attention from experts in the field. The immersive sound of the product offers precise clarity because it helps the user to enjoy the music easily.

8. Micromax 109.3 cm (43 inches) 43 Binge Box Full HD LED Smart TV (Metallic Silver)

The smarter controls on the TV enables consumers to stay lazy without affecting the performance. Micromax 43inches Binge box has gained popularity in a quick time because it offers a smarter way to play games.

The crystal luminous colour of the TV  gives a sufficient amount of brightness to increase the screen clarity. As the 42-inch smart tv offers multiple sources to play both video and audio files, it is evident that people get to enjoy the product for a long time without hassles.

9. Onida Live Genius Television – LEO32HAIN / LEO32HIE 80 cm (32 inches) Smart Android LED TV

Onida is working hard in every angle of the production because it helps them to increase the sales and customers. Most of the Indian users prefer to go with Onida because of nostalgic and emotional reasons.

The Brand does not compromise on the quality and functionality, which helps them to attract more consumers easily. The 3 HDMI ports in the product offer a convenient way to connect multiple devices without compromising on the functional aspects.

10. Samsung 80 cm (32 inches) 4 Series 32N4300 HD Ready LED Smart TV (Black)

Samsung takes a front seat in terms of various parameters, especially in the Smart TV segment. The technology used in the product attracts a lot of consumers because of durability and functionality reasons.

It is important for people to understand the features well in advance because it helps them to take maximum mileage of the product after buying in an effective way. The 32 inches Smart LED TV is elegant and provides good durability options from time to time


Smart TVs have been a top pick for most of the Indian consumers because it saves a lot of time without affecting the convenience. There are tons and tons of Smart LED TV brands available, which can be picked up depending on the necessity.

We recommend you to evaluate the requirement well before buying the best led tv in India because it helps you in using for a long span of time. Long life equipment always helps consumers to save plenty of money without affecting the convenience element in an effective way.




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