Top 10 Best LED TV under 15000 in India

best led tv under 15000

Are you looking out for Best LED TV under 15000 as a festive surprise gift to Home or your newly married colleague or relatives? It is human nature to compare electronic products before we buy something as the electronics market is more volatile and prices keep on varying. We examine other TV’s or brand on behalf of you to get the best-LED TV under 15000 which fits in your budget along with warranty and after-sales support.

When it comes to selecting a Best LED TV under 15000, we are often confused with which one to buy LCD TV or LED TV. So we don’t want to confuse you with more details into technical aspects. We brief you with individual differences between LCD and LED.

Difference between LED and LCD televisions

The main difference between LCD and LED is that LED televisions are going to look better than LCD televisions. The picture quality and contrast ratios can be stunning and are better in LED. LED TVs are thinner when compared with LCDs, as small as 0.5-inches. Indeed, there is no denying that Best LED TV under 15000 has clearer and good quality images mean, opting for a LED is wiser and do cost less than LCD TV.

So now you have the brief idea and know the difference between LCD and LED. There are other differences worth taking into between them, hopefully, now you know which one to choose from LED or LCD television, you can better decide which TV is right for you under 15000.

Which is the best TV under 15000

The Best LED TV under 15000 is often evaluated based on the requirement. The room size and the watch time play a vital role because it helps you save money and effort while buying. It is advisable for people to understand the features because it helps them to pick the right product within budget.

There are multiple options for people to choose a TV within 15000/- in the current generation. As there are a lot of brands available in the market, it is evident that you get a handful of options to buy without compromising on the cost.

What is a Smart LED TV

The Best LED TV under 15000 with Smart Features is the hot technology in the current generation because of various reasons. The Smart TVs offers an option for people to connect to the internet to watch movies from websites directly. It is essential for you to explore various features of the television because it helps them to utilise the function to the maximum extent.

Smart TV provides full hd features, which play a vital role to increase the picture clarity practically. The advanced gadgets come with USB ports and HDMI ports because it increases convenience to watch movies from personal HDD.

Which brand is best for Smart LED TV

Numerous top TV brands with Best LED TV under 15000 are entering the Indian market with multiple features to attract consumers. If you are looking forward to buying the best product at low cost, check the table and reviews below. It is necessary for you to explore new features like USB and HDMI port to use for a long time.

Some of the new brands like MI, VU, Micromax and so on offer quality and durable LED tv under 15000. The viewing experience is magnificent compared to standard TVs because it has hd ready led tv technology.

Top 10 Best LED TV under 15000/-

Vu 80cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV  (32K160M)

Vu is an Indian company of Television makers and doing its best from the launch of its television product in India. Presently, the company has grossed over $30 million and 3,00,000 units sold all over the globe. Vu has achieved a lot of fame and loyalty from customers for providing Best LED TV under 15000 with high definition feature at affordable rates.

Vu TVs can be the best option if you are looking for Best LED TV under 15000. Under the price range of 15000 Rs, Vu offers the screen size of this television with 32-inch and has HD ready.

Specifications of VU 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV

Item Weight10 Kg
Operating SystemNot Smart
Response Time6.5 Milliseconds
Resolution720p HD Ready
Display TechnologyLED
Display Resolution Maximum1366 x 768 Pixels
  1. Micromax 81cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED TV  (32T8361HD)

Micromax is well known for handset manufacturer; now it has forayed into home entertainment segment with good quality and regular TVs from 2012. One of the best-known brands in Mobile phones for offering the maximum amount of features for reasonable costs.

Micromax TV’s has excellent build quality with pen drives access. The TVs are less expensive compared to other Indian made brands. Middle-class customers are well addressed by Micromax affordable TV’s. Micromax 32T8361HD is the best example of it.

Specifications of Micromax 32 inch HD Ready LED TV

Item Weight8.54 Kg
Resolution720p HD Ready
Display TechnologyLED
Screen Size32 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum720p HD Ready

Sanyo NXT 80cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED TV  (XT-32S7200H)

Well, many of us would be not familiar with Sanyo brand. Sanyo is one such brand which made an early entry before major TV selling brands.

They were the top selling brand for CRT TV back then now in this age of technological advancement Sanyo is again with incredible LED TVs with the latest features and technology loaded to it. Sanyo NXT 32 inch LED TV has got some advanced specifications and is HD ready. The HD feature with 1366 x 768 pixels and for more highlights about this Television refer below.

Specifications of Sanyo NXT 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV

Item Weight10.9 Kg
Operating SystemNot Smart
Resolution1080p Full HD
Display TechnologyLED
Screen Size43 Inches

Sony 59.9cm (24 inches) WXGA LED TV  (BRAVIA KLV-24P413D)

Everyone is well known with the brand name Sony which is popular in Electronics appliances and has lots of products in Electronics Portfolio all over the world. The same thing is right in case of TVs production as the company has introduced the wide variety of TV’s ranging from 200000 Rs to 10000 Rs catering to all income levels.

Sony BRAVIA KLV-24P413D provides an amazing TV watching experience at a very affordable price. Regarding design, this TV looks sleek and elegant and delivers better sound output with better audio excellence enabled with Dolby Digital. Sony BRAVIA KLV-24P413D is worth buying for LED TV seekers under 15000 Rs range.

Specifications of Sony 24 Inches LED TV

Item Weight3.9 Kg
Operating SystemNot Smart
Resolution720p HD Ready
Display TechnologyLED
Screen Size24 Inches

Kodak 80cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV  (32HDXSMART)

Kodak HD Ready Tv is one of the Best LED TV under 15000. It is one of the new entrants to Television segment! Remember Kodak photo filmmakers back in 90’s. With Kodak back in India they have come up with the best affordable Smart TV first in its division for under 15000 Rs. Those who are looking for best buy Kodak 32HDXSMART  is the better option. None of the rivals has come up with SMART TV under 15000 Rs category.

This Television comes with the screen size of 32-inch, and it has HD picture resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The ratings for this television has touched around 4.5 and tops among other TVs. You can watch your favourite shows anytime, it has got built in the wifi enabled and can cast your movies via phone. We would recommend this LED TV which you opt without checking out for other television.

Specifications of Kodak 32 Inches HD Ready LED Smart TV

Item Weight5.68 Kg
Operating SystemNot Smart
Resolution720p HD Ready
Display TechnologyLED
Display Resolution Maximum720p

Mi LED TV 4C PRO 80 cm (32) HD Ready Android TV (Black)

Mi Is sweeping the market with their mind-blowing features in the Television market. The cost-effective TVs with Smart technology impressed most of the fans because of various reasons. The MI Smart TV offers advanced options at the minimal cost because it helps to attract an audience in multiple segments.

Elegance is one of the critical aspects to consider for the user because it can be used in any room effectively. MI offers a mix of features to have more sales in a quick span of time. Guess what; they are succeeding by beating most of the reputed producers in the market quickly.

Specifications of MI LED 32 Inch HD Ready Android TV

Item Weight4 Kg
Operating System
PatchWall based on Android TV
Resolution720p HD Ready
Display TechnologyLED
Display TypeLED

Micromax 81 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV 32P8361HD (Black) (2018 Model)

Micromax may not have a good brand value because of competitors for some time now. They have been producing some of the finest products without affecting the budget element. The HD ready TV from Micromax costs 10500/- with multiple features to gain customers trust again.

The product comes with 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports, which is sufficient for a day to day entertainment. The VGA port adds as a benefit for people to access the screen either with a desktop or a laptop.

Specifications of Micromax 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV

Item Weight8.54 Kg
Resolution720p HD Ready
Display TechnologyLED
Screen Size32 Inches
Image Aspect Ratio16:09

Kevin 81.3 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV K32CV338H (Black) (2018 model)

Kevin is a new brand in the market, and we suggest you watch out for the price and features. The brand is all set to compete with big players by offering low-cost products with the maximum amount of options. Kevin HD Ready Smart LED TV is one of the best product to buy under 15000 in India.

The wide viewing angle of the TV or top box is an essential element to consider because it helps people to watch the screen from different places without compromising on the quality practically. The web touch in the remote allows you to browse through your fingertips to increase the convenience.

Specifications of Kevin 32 Inches HD Ready Smart LED TV

Operating SystemAndroid Based
Resolution720p HD Ready
Display TechnologyLED
Screen Size32 Inches
Image Aspect Ratio16:09

TCL 81.3 cm (32 inches) 32D3000 HD Ready LED TV (Black)

TCL is a unique brand, which invests in various places to bring up the quality in an effective way. The TV manufacturer prefers to provide a sufficient amount of options to increase the durability from time to time.

It is advisable for you to look out for colour and brightness features in the TV because most of the tech geeks prefer to go with TCL over other products to enjoy the picture clarity for a long span of time. The A+ grade panel attracts a lot of people because it offers the maximum amount of HD ready resolution.

Specifications of TCL 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV

Operating SystemNot Smart
Resolution720p HD Ready
Display TechnologyLED
Screen Size32 Inches
Connector Typeusb, hdmi

Mitashi 80.01 cm (31.5 inches) MiCE032v30 HS HD Ready Smart Curved LED TV

Mitashi is one of the oldest players in the market. The manufacturer has stepped over and produced some of the fantastic products at affordable costs. The additional features of the TV have gained a lot of following, which play a vital role for them to produce better products without compromising on the budget and quality from time to time.

The HD Ready Smart curved LED TV is worth the investment because of curve screen technology. The curved TV at the cost of 15000/- has taken a new turn and can be considered an evolution regarding technology cost.

Specifications of Mitashi 32 Inches LED Smart Curved TV

Operating SystemAndroid Based
Resolution720p HD Ready
Display TechnologyLED
Screen Size31.5 Inches
Connector Typevga, usb, hdmi


We have seen Best LED TV under 15000 in this article and their varied features, every TV listed above are affordable. For the brand lovers Sony TV would attract them, and for the budget seekers, VU and Micromax offer the best TV one can afford for.

Those who are looking for a budget-friendly and SMART TV Kodak is the only option you can choose from above not forgetting the SANYO too provide you with excellent picture quality and best features among all. Finally, we have given you the best information and take your call to select the best TV comparing one from other according to your needs and budget.




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