Top 10 best LED TV under 10000/- to buy online (Updated 2019)

micromax best led tv under 10000

These days buying the best-LED TV under 10000 is not an easy task especially when you are in a local electronics shop or a large mall.

Many Television manufacturing companies compete for each other to become a household name in India, as India is a vast market itself and the main reason is purchasing power of consumers for consumer goods is increasing at a faster pace.

LED TVs have replaced the outdated CRT technology based televisions in many houses in India.  Henceforth, everyone opts for LED TVs; there are many electronics showroom nearby you sell LED TVs from various brands.

How to buy LED TV under 10000

Once you enter the shop, more or less we will be confused which television to buy. The salesperson will try to convince you to buy a poor quality television as they get a significant margin on low-end TVs.

Out of confusion and listening to the salesman, you will place the order which you are not impressed with the features or specifications. To be frank! This is not the right way to buy a Television.

Tips to consider while buying 32 inches led TV below 10000

LED TVs under 10000 Rs are affordable and come with different screen sizes and have different price tags. They have a display of up to up to 24 inches size. They are ideal for small rooms, restaurants, shops, guest house, etc.


Durability is a critical factor for most of the Indian consumers to avoid investment from time to time. There are plenty of options for you to choose because a few big brands are offering 24 Inches TV at low costs.

Screen Size

Screen size plays a vital role because it helps you enjoy the picture clarity. Most of the 24inches TV offer a sufficient amount of transparency, which can be utilised for a long span of time.


The TV brand is an essential element to consider because it helps you in enjoying quality after-sale service. Most of the old brands ensure to offer quality products because it plays a vital role to maintain reputation.


Smart TV is the hot feature in the current generation because it helps consumers to have the maximum amount of convenience. The advanced technology provides an easy option for people to connect to external device and internet with the help of both wireless and wired sources in a practical way.

Best Brand to buy LED TV under 10000

The brand has been a big factor for a lot of consumers because it helps them to enjoy the product for a long time without affecting the performance and budget.

Check out some of the popular brands to choose while buying the best tv under 10000

  1. Samsung
  2. Panasonic
  3. Micromax
  4. VU
  5. Lloyd
  6. Shinco
  7. Westway
  8. Murphy
  9. Starline
  10. Weston

What is the crucial element to consider before buying led TV below 10000

Before buying a LED TV, compare TVs of various brands for specification, and you must read reviews about TV on websites. Do not forget to check ratings as it broadly defines particular TV.

Online shopping is 100 times better than offline shopping because you will be fully aware of the features and reviews of the LED TV you are about to purchase.

If you are looking forward to purchasing a LED television under 10000 Rs, consider buying one of the following videos.

Top 10 Best LED TV under 10000

1. MarQ by Flipkart 61cm (24 inches) Full HD LED TV  (24DAFHD)

This television is from Flipkart, offers you high-definition picture quality, sharp display, and optimal surround sound. It is powered by the Direct LED technology and provides uniform brightness across the screen. For a whole new level of TV-viewing experience, this TV comes with a 178 degrees wide angle view.  

This TV allows you to connect any playback device directly to the TV via USB connectivity, play games, watch movies or shows seamlessly at any point of time as it supports many picture and video formats.

2. Panasonic 55cm (22 inch) Full HD LED TV  (TH-22D400DX)

Panasonic offers Television with a price range from 10000 and reaches upto 150000 Rs. This TV was launched earlier this year and comes with a High definition, those who are looking for the best quality yet affordable TV under 10000 this TV offer you every feature which you are expecting.

Have a quick look on below table as we have picked common features and guide you the best on specifications.

3. Micromax 60cm (23.6 inch) HD Ready LED TV  (24B600HDI /24B900HDI)

Those who prefer low budget Televisions, Micromax is a prominent brand among customers. Micromax 24B600HD is the best-LED TV under 10000 and exceptionally fulfil customer need with best specifications. The audio and video quality is up to the mark, and there are good connectivity features.

This TV is ideal for a single small room, hotel rooms and has all the required features of good television. So, considering the budget, one can’t expect to get more.

4. Vu 60cm (24 inches) HD Ready LED TV  (24JL3)

Vu is one of the most trusted LED TV brand in India. Want to buy a LED TV under 10000 consider buying this Vu LED TV. This LED TV comes with loads of features under 10000 price band and offers you the best viewing experience. This LED TV features a 24” with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, 178-degree wide-angle view, dual speaker output and last but not the least Vu provide you 1-year domestic warranty.

The TV has USB connectivity watch movies and shows with USB connection. Vu LED TV  (24JL3) is no match to other LED TV which you can get for this price; I would like to conclude it as budget-friendly, feature loaded best-LED TV under 10000.

5. Lloyd 49cm (20 inches) HD Ready LED TV  (L20AM)

Lloyd is best known for appliance manufacturer and with their flagship LED TV with its widescreen ranging from 20 inches, 24 inches, 32 inches, 40 inches, and 42 inches, screen size. The crystal clear picture quality produced by Full HD, HD ready or UHD resolutions.

The latest TV from LLYOD is this TV where you get tons of features you can expect for 10000 Rs to provide your favourite TV shows and movies in the high-quality picture and sound quality. You may buy any price tagged LED TV, the warranty does not exceed one year. This TV from LLYOD offers you three years domestic warranty.

6. Samsung 24K4100 59 cm (24 inches) HD Ready LED TV (Black)

Samsung prefers to attract more audience by offering products in various ranges. It is essential for people to decide the necessity because it plays a vital role to save money quickly.

The brand has been a favourite choice for Indian consumers because of durability and extended performance elements. As few consumers prefer to use smaller screens with sufficient features, it is evident that Samsung takes the front seat by effectively offering advanced technology features.

7. Panasonic 60 cm (24 inches) TH-24F201DX HD Ready LED TV (Black)

HD ready technology has evolved to a great extent. Therefore, it is easier to find relevant products at low costs. The 24inch television attracts a lot of consumers in the market because of price and quality factors.

The Panasonic HD Ready LED TV offers both HDMI and USB ports, which can be utilised to connect external devices. The 60hertz refresh rate is the best-in-class features for a 24 inch TV compared to most of the competitors.

8. Shinco SO2A, 24 inches HD, LED TV

Shinco is an upcoming brand in the Indian market with multiple features. The new producer is offering some of the mind-blowing features at minimal costs. The various options and active after-sales service is appreciated by the audience to increase sales over a period.

The Shinco 24inches HD LED is powered with 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports to enhance the convenience for customers. The sound output is effective compared to most of the other brands in the similar segment because the TV comes with two box speakers equipped with the 10W output.

9. Westway 60 cm (24 inches) WESTWAY-WEL-2400 HD Ready LED TV

Westway is One of the highly rated LED TV producers in the market because of extended features. It is evident that some consumers prefer to buy products at low costs because it helps them experiment with brands.

Westway is offering 24 inches television for 8000/-, which is considered as the lowest compared to other products. The massive resolution of 1366x768px gained a lot of attention because it played a crucial role while watching HD content.

10. Weston 61 cm (24 inches) WEL-2400 HD Ready LED TV (Black)

Most of the new players prefer to offer maximum features to build brand and reputation in the market. Weston follows the same strategy by providing enough amount of options at reasonable costs.

The 24 inches HD Ready LED TV is powered with 1 USB, 1 HDMI and 1 VGA ports. The set of ports allows you to use external devices to take better mileage of the options quickly.


We have gathered this information from various sources. We sincerely hope this information helps you clear all the doubts and concerns over buying the best LED TV under 10000. As budget is an important thing to consider, it is necessary to explore various products and brands to figure out the best option in a practical way.





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