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Best LED Television Brands in India

There are multiple Best LED Television Brands in India to choose. To buy the best-LED TV it is advisable to have technical know-how and product specifications. With this level of technological advancement in the Television industry, many companies have been coming up with different specifications and are added to every product to capture the customer trend and needs.

The transition from CRT TV to HD LED TV, UHD LED TV, SMART LED TV, OLED TV, QLED CURVED TV is mind blowing as electronic components and boards are nano-sized to give TV a new shape and elegant look.

The models from the brand are upgraded by TV companies with USB port and HDMI ports to match today’s trend.

The best TV company in India

Never fall prey to various discounts while buying Best LED Television Brands in India. Most of the products offered by e-commerce aggregators and retail TV outlets are to push a new product without warranty or with less loaded features. There are reliable brands in TV who offers the best specifications and features that is upmarket with good after sales support and service centers around India like Samsung, LG, Philips, SONY Bravia and much more.

We have gathered information based on purchases made by customers and top-specification. It is widely available models and brands in Television sets. Have a quick look on the Best LED TV brands in India.

Best LED TV in India

Best smart TV in India

Top TV brands in India with good reviews and feedback

The latest technology is giving way for multiple manufacturers to produce Best LED Television Brands in India because of the growing market. It is important for you as a consumer to know well about upcoming brands to buy wisely. Brands play a crucial role because it helps them enjoy the maximum amount of performance for a long time.

Best LED Television Brands in India comes out with a special feature, which helps consumers to choose the product based on the necessity. It is vital for you to evaluate your requirement before choosing the brand to avoid disappointment because of various reasons.

Top 10 Best LED Television Brands in India

Features to consider while choosing from the best TV company in India

Colour Quality

Colour quality is one of the important factors to consider while buying a 55 inch TV. Better the quality, you get to enjoy the product well. The modern technology manufacturing process allow people to buy advanced TVs at low cost. HD ready and FULL HD TVs have attracted people because it helps them to enjoy the great picture quality effectively.

The colour quality of the Best LED Television Brands in India can be described depending on the Video file. It is highly recommended to play multiple videos with HD quality file because it helps you find the difference easily. The right balance of feature lets you to enjoy the product to the maximum extent because of multiple options.

Smart TV features

Smart TV is a hot technology because it offers multiple features. Most of the people prefer to watch a movie or a TV series on a big screen by connecting to internet. The smart tv in Best LED Television Brands in India comes out with necessary options to connect in an easy way.

Most of the users like to have a convenient gadget to enjoy entertainment in an effective way. The advanced Smart Tv technology enables you to stream live with the help of wifi connection from time to time.


The size of the display play a vital role because it increases the visual experience while watching TV regularly. There are more than a couple of dimensions, which can be picked up based on the necessity. It is widely recommended for you to understand your interests well in advance because it helps you to choose the right size tv in an effective way.

The TV size is evaluated depending on the room area and the viewing distance in order to enjoy the clarity. HD videos requires a certain amount of distance because it helps you to enjoy a clear picture effectively.


The resolution of the TV is directly related to the clarity. The resolution is improvised by most of the manufacturers because it helps them to attract more customers. The advanced technology offers better resolution features in TV by offering variations like HD Ready, Full HD and Ultra HD.

  • HD Ready is equipped with  resolution of 1280 x 720 or 720 Pixels
  • Full HD is equipped with resolution of 1920 x 1080 or 1080 pixels
  • Ultra High definition or HD comes with 3840 x 2160 pixels, 4K TV and ultra HD technology.

Display Panel

The display panel technology is powered with advanced technology options to increase the convenience. The LED and LCD technology is pretty common in India, but most of the developed countries have been using OLED TVs because of high clarity.

OLED technology equipped TVs costs more compared to the regular ones and offers high durability options to use effectively. Check out the difference between LED and LCD TVs to evaluate the actual difference both in terms of cost and feature.

Refresh Rate

The Refresh rate is one of the easiest parameters to check before buying TV. try to carry a high definition video file in order to view the clarity. Pause the video abruptly and observe the picture blue effect. Most of the low quality TVs do not provide a full clarity still picture because it lacks quality.

Refresh rate on the TV directly refers to image or video loading time every second. If the TV has better refresh rate, it is evident that the screen or the picture is smooth to view for a long span of time.

Best LED TV under 30000

Best TV Under 40000

Top 10 Best LED Television Brands in India with Various Models


Each one of us will be familiar with Samsung Electronics, Samsung offers high-quality home appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, laptops, and washing machines as well as smartphones and tablets. Samsung continues to be a trusted choice of millions in India and the company is in constant pursuit to provide best-LED TV for a smarter customer.

Samsung is dedicated to improving with path breaking innovations when it comes to Television sets and has set milestones creating HD, UHD, FULL HD TV, HD TV LED TVs.


LG (Life’s Good) has transformed TV viewing into a new dimension from normal to HD TV with 4K UHD resolution and leading Smart TV. Every LG products deliver new experiences and a sense of new feel to home. they are known to release products from televisions to refrigerators, dishwashers, and dryers to air purifiers. LG provides best-LED TV with unique designs, cutting-edge technology, and excellent after sales service for a meaningful life and beautiful home.

LG sets apart from other competitors in LED TV segment. Manufacturing with their latest model OLED TV and has gained immense popularity and offers you highest resolution at an affordable price.

Sony Bravia

The major television brand in India is SONY. Sony offers products like Bravia HD LED TV that comes in different variants like X Series (HD 4K), 3D LED TV. Apart from televisions it offers mobile phones and various portable audio products and is recognized as a third largest manufacturer of the LED TV all over the world.

SONY has their unique way of representing products to customers by adding best features in LED TV. The only flaw with SONY is their competitors offer same featured LED TV at very low cost.

Best LED TV under 20000

Best LED TV under 15000


The brand is best known for their beauty care products and reliable home appliances, they have entered into Television segment lately but they have achieved good customer feedback for best LED TV brand in India.

Philips offers you with worldwide warranty for their products. The Philips 32 inch LED TV provides you best viewing experience with vivid colors, vibrancy, and excitement and connects you with the real world. Philips LED TV comes in a range of series of 7000, 6000, 5000, 4000, 3000.


Onida is one of the favourite indian companies and has been the consumer choice for Televisions back then in 90’s.

The major revenue comes from the export of TVs to African and other countries. Now with best features, Onida has launched many models of LED TV in India to cater all income levels. Their best-selling TV is Onida 43 inch Full HD LED Smart TV and has million sales in the company history. The brand has grabbed many awards for excellence in Electronics Industry and ranked top for the most trusted brand in India.


Since the launch of Micromax Smart LED TV in India, It has gained a huge popularity. Micromax 49inches is one the top preferred choice of customers, those who are looking for best and reliable LED TV. It has a high rate of growth in terms of percentage and outnumbered sales compared to other LED TV manufacturers.

Micromax, keep up the pace in Electronics industry with best featured LED TV, so do cellphones. Micromax is a recommended brand to buy the best-LED TV brand TV in India.

Top 10 Television Brands

Smart TV Features to Know


VU technologies launched in 2006 delivering high sound quality LED TVs. The manufacturer is named as the most affordable LED TV brand in the large size category. The brand has acquired market in 50 inch to 84 inch as compared to Sony Samsung and LG. It offers best-LED TV at surprisingly affordable prices. The brand has gained customer loyalty for its best in class LED TV and good customer service.

The Support Center is the only ISO 9001 certified support center in the entire industry. Vu sells its products with A+ Grade Panels in all markets and is sold in 60+ countries. This company has gained an impressive list of clients in a very short span of time, the clients include Audi, Toyota, Microsoft, IBM, Citibank, ICICI Bank, HSBC Bank, Jaguar, The Ritz Carlton, Standard Chartered, State Bank of India, Tata Motors, Aditya Birla Group, Godrej, Shoppers Stop and many others.


BPL is one of the Best LED Television Brands in India in 32inch segment. The brand is back with a new range of LED TVs, 4k, and Smart TVs, BPL was amongst the top-rated TV brands in the 90’s but when brands like Samsung, LG and Sony started pushing their products with aggressive marketing BPL took a back seat.

The company made a comeback last year with affordable and high definition TV exclusive on Flipkart and crossed 10000 units sales in just one month. BPL is the recommended and the one of the Best LED Television Brands in India which sells awesome TV models with a price range of 10000 to 30000 in LED TV and 40000-45000 in Smart TV segment.


MI took to the bigger stage by beating most of the reputed brands in the market because of multiple reasons. The China manufacturer stepped into the TV market  with powerful HDMI ports and creating a lot of buzz around by offering at low costs.

It is advisable for you to explore a couple of TVs offered by MI because it helps in saving money. Similar to phone market, MI is sweeping by offering elegant products at reasonable costs for some time now.

The chinese manufacturer is presenting some of the mind blowing TVs suitable for every room at low costs. A low budget option helps you in buying the right TV with multiple features on it.

Best Smart TV In India Under 35000

Best 40 inch hd LED TV in India


Panasonic is most of our ancestors favourite choice because of their extensive features. The current generation brands have overtaken Panasonic few years ago by offering mouthwatering options at low costs.

It is evident that the Japanese company has hit back by providing some of the finest options in the market. Comparing products from every manufacturer is a wise choice, especially when you are buying an expensive TV.

Conclusion or The Verdict

We have to end this article by saying that above mentioned Best LED Television Brands in India are the best to afford for. Every doubt while choosing top 10 led TV in india is best answered both Indian brands and Foreign brands. Most of the brands offers you quality TV to enhance your viewing experience.





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