Ondu Strong Coffee, A Brilliantly Crafted Kannada Short Which Holds Your Attention To Its Last Second

ondu strong coffee

Coffee is always associated with an anecdote, a sketch, or a story which most of the time goes untold. Or, even when it takes the form of words, it may not get as compelling as a simple silence. We all are going through a life – meeting, and dwelling with people, situations, emotions, but somewhere, we all share the same story. Here is a short film titled Ondu Strong Coffee which shares a story we all know yet holding our attention to its last second.

Love, Life, and Situational Chaos

Odu Strong Coffee’s story revolves around a girl named Anvitha and a circle of her stuck in their own can of worms. A story-teller here has taken a far cry from a usual narrative to tell the same old story of love, hate, and relationship. As the movie proceeds leaving scenes behind, a curiosity unfolds like never before. It carries a sensual screenplay amazingly crafted to its finest. There is a confusion, a kind of weirdness, and a thing of life at its chaotic best; Ondu Strong Coffee has it all.

ondu strong coffee

ondu strong coffee

A Feel Good Movie

It has come out as a feel-good movie as an effort to crack the short-length movie space in Kannada web. Written and directed by Madan Ram Venkatesh, this short movie has given an honest shot to tell the other side story of a girl which often goes unnoticed. All the characters that come in will go in line with the story backed by neat performances. Comprehensively, it is a freshly brewed content as far as the Kannada Video content space is concerned.

Check out this Short movie: 


Poster Design / Cover Photo Credits – Kanmani Kreations

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